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USS Constitution-B
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Qeene "Queen" Erayn
Position Owner of the "Rage Room"
Rank Civilian
Species Linara
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
DOB 236806.24
Age 33
Birthplace Leron IV

Queen is currently aboard the USS Constitution-B. operating the "Rage Room". She goes by her Diver Name 'Queen'. If someone were to find out her birth name and use it, she may hurt them.

Personal Characteristics

Queen's Tattoo
Queen Clothing Inspiration Board
Queen at the Endaasi Promotion party
  • Height: 1.69m
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Hair: Naturally white - But dyed in rainbow colors Mohawk and undercut - pink eyebrows
  • Eyes: light blue almost white - hiding behind blackened goggles
  • Skin:: pale white
  • Style:: Comparable to old-style Terran punk rock
  • Others:: Piercings in the bottom lip, pierced ears; tattoo on her shoulder blade, in shape of a crown with the words "Ley'ra Pa'drasyi" (Linaran for: Without fear)
  • Notes:: Nobody has ever seen a Linaran without their completely covering robes, and due to her style she does not look like other Linarans. So unless Queen tells them or they find it in the Marriage paperwork people would not know she is Linaran, but any other non-descriptive humanoid species.

Species Traits

  • Sees in the dark
  • extremely sensitive to light (skin and eyes)


  • pragmatic
  • does what is necessary to achieve her goal
  • She is not sociable and has a narrow tunnel vision towards her goal.
  • It happens regularly that she ignores what others want or need, and hurts feelings when it benefits her ultimate goal.
  • Due to the usually hidden appearance of Linarans her facial expressions are almost not present or at best very subtle. That might make her seem distant or emotionless at times but she expresses herself a lot through Linaran gestures


Queen's Teacup Targ Admiral Stinkbutt
  • Bonded/Married to Lazarus Davis since 2397
  • Best friend, fellow Zeltion Diver, the Caitian Polt
  • Benefector and Family friend, Linaran Andarys Ohain
  • Pet: Teacup Targ - Admiral Stinkbutt


  • Food and drink: She used to eat what she got her hands on because of lack of resources. Declining and having a preference outside of what was available meant to not eat. She is now learning that she has choices and has not yet discovered what she likes. The one time she was able to splurge in the past she had steak, and sweet fruity ice cream dessert which she liked.
  • Instrument: Queen plays the D'grenay which is like a Linaran Theremin. Her mother was part of the team developing the instrument. It works with the air and magnetic fields, the interaction between one's own magnetic field and the instrument's field which creates sound. The instrument itself is electronic, with two metal rods standing apart. The interruption of the field between them through the hand influences the pitch of the sound. Translated it means 'sound of the air'.


Qeene was a typical Linaran during her childhood and teenage years. Her father was a Scientist and her mother an Engineer, dedicating their life to finding new energy sources for the Linaran people.

The older Qeene got, the more she felt like a stranger among her people, not being able to express herself properly. She despised having to wear the same robes as everyone, sporting the same look as all Linarans. After having contact with several traders and cultures from outside she realized that there is more to the universe than the darkness of Leron IV and she began to experiment with looks, much to the dismay of the traditionalists among the Linarans.

One day Qeene's father overheard visiting traders talk about Zeltion IV, a gas planet with an yet unknown gas, but there were stories about that gas being able to boost other energy sources tremendously. Raising the hopes of the Council the Linarans want to know more about the gas and of course get some of it for themselves. She was bound to the new task by a contract - set up by then Minister Ohain - that stated that she would work there and in return find information and if possible supply some of that gas. If she would stop working there she was to return home immediately.

Seeing her chance to leave the planet and find her own path Qeene volunteered for that mission. Another Linaran (Andarys Ohain) who tried to find ways to get alternative energy sources for the Linaran People takes her under his wing. She leaves Leron IV and finds her way to Zeltion IV where she underwent training and joined the Diving Force. At first she became a helper to properly learn the ropes (quite literally) and when her foreman believed she was ready she went for her first dive.

Over the following 5 years she went on countless dives, sustained many injuries and still kept going, for the good of her people. She earned herself the call sign "Queen", mostly because people kept being confused about her real name and she didn't correct them, but also she was really good at her job. In that time, the only person who got close enough to her to be called a real friend was Polt, her Caitian roommate.

In 2397 Zeltion IV decided to open Trade Talks with the Federation. Until then Queen had only heard about them through others and the image she got hadn't been good. During their stay though she got a new impression. Starfleet and the Federation had an abundance of everything and many of these things would be beneficial to her people, even more than the gas of Zeltion IV. She would have to find a way to end her contract without having to return to Leron IV, again for the good of her people.

And that solution was found through a loophole. Her work contract - set up by the Linaran Government - included the clause that if she stopped to work on Zeltion IV she would have to return to Leron IV. But one tradition states that when a Linaran is bonded off world their relationship and staying at the location of the spouse overrides any contractual binding. She found a willing helper in [Lazarus Davis], who agreed reluctantly to be bonded to her (the equivalent of marrying her). The background of that relationship has to be kept secret, so it does not accidentally get busted, as a breach of contract would result in severe punishment for Queen. There were bonded in April 2397 by Andarys Ohain.

In 2400 a Science Experiment going wrong, leads to her husband Lazarus Davis being displaced in a different parallel universe without the possibility to bring him back. In his place though, a version of him from that Universe appears, basically switching the two versions. Azura Ada also married to Queen in her universe has a less than cold welcome from Queen on this side, who cannot grasp the reality of Laz being gone. Avoiding the 'imposter' as Queen calls her, she tries to deal with her grief and answer and after almost half a year of floating in Limbo she decides to turn her rage into a business and opens a "Rage room" on Deck 15 of the Constitution.

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