Political Sovereignty

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Duronis II remains a political sovereignty, i.e. - a territory existing as an independent state. As such it is not a member of a large interstellar mass of territories and has a soverign right to negotiate with each. Currently, the Laundeans of Duronis II have open diplomatic links with the United Federation of Planets, Romulan Empire and Zalkonian Suzerainty.

Here are some key definitions in understanding Duronis II situation at the negotiating table:


  • A league or association formed by federating including a government or political body established through federal union. This is the act of constituting a political unity out of a number of separate member planets and colonies or provinces so that each member retains the management of its internal affairs.
    • Example: the United Federation of Planets


  • A political unit having an extensive territory or comprising a number of territories, planets or colonies and ruled by a single supreme authority.
    • Example: The Klingon Empire or the Romulan Star Empire


  • A Suzerainty is the power or domain of a suzerain, which is a planet that controls other planets and colonies in interstellar affairs but allows them domestic sovereignty. For example the harsh government of the Planet Zalkon masters over all the planets in the Zalkonian Suzeraity when it comes to their interstellar affairs (from trade to alliances,) but allows them to run their own domestic governments.
    • Example: The Zalkonian Suzerainty


  • A group of persons or worlds gathered together for a common reason, as for a legislative, religious, educational, defensive or social purpose.
    • Example: The Tholian Assembly


  • A dominance or power. i.e a large territory of space over which such supreme authority is exercised by one powerful group over all others
    • Example: The Dominion.


  • A pre-revolution teritorial division on Duronis II whereby a monarchy with a king or queen as head of state rules over an area of the planet. This is now a redundant term, though some would like to see it returne from the history books.


  • A territory governed as an administrative or political unit of Duronis II. The Provinces were formerly Kingdoms but now answer to an elected governor.
    • Example: Manaria, Bryque and Govinda etc on Duronis II