Peterson, John

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USS Victory
John Peterson.png
John Peterson
Position Intelligence Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236302.24
Age 38

Ensign John Peterson is currently retired from Starfleet.


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown


  • Marital Status: Single


  • Father: Richard Wayne Peterson
  • Mother: Grace Leslie Peterson


  • Siblings: Commander Jennifer Carol Peterson-Wright (Sister) - Counselor
  • Brother-in-law: Captain william Hubert Wrigt (Marine)


John Charles Peterson is the youngest of Rick and Grace Peterson's two children. Born in Oxnard, California, John spent the first four years of his life on Earth before his father's occupation as an administrator for a Dilithium drilling company beckoned them across Federation Space and beyond. Stability wasn't a very big factor in John's life as the family was constantly on the move from contract to contract. John and his sister got used to often being the only humans in the schools they briefly attended until it was time to move to a new home. As a result, John had difficulty making a keeping friends as he was never in one place long enough to establish a meaningful connection with anyone. What he lacked in social skills, he more than made up for in adaptability as it was he who was expected to learn from and blend into various alien cultures for the duration of his time with them. John would often venture alone into the communities he was temporarily living in and learn from the locals. John is extremely observant and picks up on languages and cultural norms quicker than most.

With a father who was rarely around, a mother who was invested in her own personal pursuits and an older sister who enrolled in Starfleet Academy as soon as she was able, John doesn't feel very close to his family. He by no means hates or feels resentful towards them, but he feels unable to connect with them in a meaningful way. As a result, John became accustomed to handling his own problems and keeping secrets from his family so that they never felt the need to interfere with his life. He's very comfortable with that dynamic and often feels that the less his family knows about his life in general the better off they all are.

When John graduated from high school, he returned to Earth on his own as a legal adult, but had difficulty fitting in on his home planet. He did a year of college but was frustrated by the process and dropped out after two semesters. John wandered aimlessly until he met his best friend, Gary Matteson, through one of his girlfriends at the time. The two hit it off instantly and have been almost inseparable ever since. Gary helped bring John out of his shell and gave him the solid, lifelong friendship he'd always wanted when he lived on the move. The two worked every meaningless, slacker job together, from department store sales associates to fine dining line cooks. John and Gary were often jealous of one another's upbringings. John wanted nothing more than to grow up on Earth like a normal human and not feel so alienated amongst his own people. Gary wanted nothing more than to leave boring Montana city life and explore the stars. The two had fun getting fired from various low-skilled jobs but yearned for something more out of life. One drunken night, Gary made an offhand comment regarding how close he and John were as friends that really got him thinking: "I'm convinced we shared a foxhole in past life, bro." The next day John and Gary were talking to Starfleet recruiters.

The recruiters urged John to train for the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps given his background with various alien cultures, but John was drawn the the secrecy and intrigue of Starfleet Intelligence instead. Always being a private person, Intel seemed like a good fit for him. Given his size, strength and stamina, Gary was pressured to train for Starfleet Security, but chose to follow John's path in Intel. It had been quite the challenge transitioning from civilian to military life, and John often worried that Gary's initial lack of discipline would inspire him to drop out. Turned out that Gary helped John keep his sanity for those four years and forced him to have a social life instead of drowning in his studies.

They weren't the best Cadets to ever walk the halls of Starfleet Academy, but any instructor could see how well they worked together as a team. The two played off of one another's strengths and made up for one another's weaknesses. John was book smart while Gary was street smart. Where John was physically weak, Gary had more than enough strength to get both of them through any obstacle. When Gary struggled with academics, John tutored him until he was spouting Starfleet protocol in his sleep. It was difficult to imagine where either would be without the other. After four long years of academic hardship and military drilling, the two were eager to face a relentless universe as Starfleet officers.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239112.30 - Present USS Victory Intelligence

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