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Fleet Departments

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The Personnel Department is tasked with personnel management duties, not limited to training, fleet staff promotions, transfers, discipline, and long-term member issues.

The Personnel Department Head is FltAdm Tristan Wolf.

StarBase 118 Academy

Commandant: VAdm Quinn Reynolds

Fleet Placement Office

Fleet Personnel Officer: FltAdm Tristan Wolf

Assistant Personnel Officers:

  • VAdm Quinn Reynolds
  • Cmdre Roshanara Rahman

Fleet Taskforce Coordinator

  • Current FTC: Commander Serala (contact)

The Fleet Taskforce Coordinator (FTC) compiles the active rosters of all teams and taskforces and offers support to team and taskforce leaders in the pursuit of goals set during the State of the Federation Address or throughout the year. They may assist communication between taskforce facilitators, commanding officers, and the personnel department. They may also promote taskforces seeking new members to the fleet at large.

The FTC contacts team facilitators every three months for a copy of their roster via email and will include their goals set during the year's SOTFA. They then update the fleetwide taskforce roster with facilitator data and relay this information to ship command teams. The FTC also notifies facilitators when a member of their team has filed for a leave of absence.

Judge Advocate General's Corps

VAdm Quinn Reynolds

Veterans Affairs Team

Cmdre Roshanara Rahman

Investigating Diversity & Inclusion Committee (IDIC)

Cmdre Roshanara Rahman

Project ARIA/Sim Management Tool

Capt Oddas Aria

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