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Operation's Office
Operation's Office 3d

Location: Deck Two

Many shipboard operations involve scheduling resources or hardware (such as power or the use of sensors) that affect a number of departments. In many such cases, it is common for various operations to present conflicting requirements. It is the responsibility of the Operations Management Officer (normally referred to as the Operations Manager or Ops) to coordinate such activities so that mission goals are not jeopardized. Having a crew member in this decision-making loop is or crucial importance because of the wide range of unpredictable situations with which a starship must deal.

Computer Systems

The Ops panels present the Operations Manager with a continually updated list of current major shipboard activities. This list permits Ops to set priorities and allocate resources among current operations. This is especially critical in cases where two or more requests require the use of the same equipment, entail mutually exclusive mission profiles, or involve some unusual safety or tactical considerations.

On board the USS Independence-A, the Operations Officer is in charge of the operations of the vessel as well as taking into account the various other departments' operational issues. Departments divert their status through the the Operations Office through LCARS, then the Operations Offer can be updated of the shipwide situation at all times. On the Independence it is important for the Operations Officer to have a 360o view of what is happening all over the ship.

Away Team Procedure

The Operations Officer on the Independence Away Team has the following responsibilities -

  • Mission Objectives: Outlining the objectives for the mission to all personnel. Keeping a record of these while on the Away Team is also a good idea. Coordination with Mission Ops for assignment of comm relay frequencies and preparations to monitor Away Team tricorder telemetry.
  • Replacements: When Away Team personnel are drawn from operational departments, Ops will sometimes coordinate to provide cross-trained replacement personnel from other departments.
  • Equipment: Notification for issuance of tricorders, phasers, environmental gear, and other mission specific equipment.
  • Multi-Vector Assault Mode: The Operations Officer can be called up to Captain one section of the vessel once it has broken apart.

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