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The USS Independence-A's science labs are state of the art facilities equipped with holo-emitters for the projection of simulated specimens.


Other technologies include holographic computer displays for analysis of specimens contained in force field. The image below is of one of the laboratory facilities contained in the science labs. It was recorded on SD 238701.09. Three eggs of an unknown species are held in a level 10 force field with feathered holographic UI deployed.


Holographic UI Environment

An integrated customizable and randomly deployable user interface environment exists within all USS Independence-A science facilities. The system makes use of holo-projected physical spheres as facilitators of person-computer interaction. An individual may speak to one of the spheres or toss it toward an object. Once the sphere is in proximity of the object to be studied it hovers in place and projects an array of transparent and permeable holographic user interfaces, allowing users to receive up to the minute information on any subject without need of PADDs or other terminals.

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