Specter of the Past (Doyle-A)

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"Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Mission Began: 239209.18
Mission Complete: 239211.07

The USS Doyle-A was dispatched to investigate a communications blackout with the colony of Omicron Herculis and a merchant ship, the SS Spectral Sand. Upon reaching the colony, the Chief HCO Officer, Lt. Cmdr Ceciri Hakashri was kidnapped by the three Klingon birds of prey, who turned out to be led by a member of the House Ehagi, Captain Luh'Pegh, and Ceciri's mother, Fairioni K'Ariadust.

The colony itself had been devastated by a bioweapon that had destroyed the entire world's biosphere. Debris of ships and satellites were found in orbit, with one ship experiencing severe distress. They sent two shuttles down to investigate the planet - one to investigate a massive super typhoon, one to investigate what happened to the colony, which had been largely below ground. Unknowingly, the Klingons had set a trap for them up, complete with dampening devices that would cloak all of this from the shuttlecraft sensors, as well as the tricorder sensors. As the ground party neared it, they were exposed to the infection, which turned out to be nanobot carried.

The typhoon disabled the second shuttle, forcing them to emergency beam out. The second shuttle crashed into the colony, destroying the trap and killing most of the Klingon away team.

Meanwhile, on the ship, a saboteur had been found and with the birds of prey in orbit attacking, the Doyle was beginning to get threatened. It was partially due to the escape and sabotage of Ceciri on board one of the birds of prey that they were able to start fighting back, beaming her out when the shields fell. The two away teams began to return to the ship, having to go into quarantine while Lt. Alexander Bishop and Nadeshiko worked on a cure. Managing to find one, they test it on the infected crew, curing them.

However, they were unable to find out any more information. While beaming Ceciri out had also captured her mother, a Klingon bird of prey began firing at it's fellows. The commander of the bird of prey was a member of Klingon Intelligence. To prevent their secrets from falling into Federation hands, she destroyed them.

It was at this time that Ens. Aurora was kidnapped by Lt. Cmdr Joan Hart, temporarily commanding a medical ship that had been dispatched as medical aid. It was at this time that the crew on Deep Space 285 were dealing with the fallout of trying to find a cure as well, after an attempted attack on Cygnet XIV. As the Doyle returned to the station, Ceciri was forced to request a transfer off, as her mother had injected her with a chemical that changed her body and would require medical attention until she could be cleared for duty. It was also on this trip that the first officer, Lt. Cmdr Sabrina Holly stood down. She was replaced by Lt. Cmdr Joan Hart, who had a rather antagonistic first encounter. After the awards were given, and the Commanding Officer Selene Faranfey promoted to Captain, Colonel Nugra joined the crew.

It was then that the Captain revealed that she would dedicate her crew to eradicating the biovirus, which had been retained on the orders of Starfleet Command - an Admiral Karth.