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Nash Avery Blaxland (born October 10, 2348) is a human journalist with a career spanning over 20 years. Since 2392, Blaxland has been a correspondent for the Federation News Service, based dually on Earth and Starbase 118.

Education and career

Blaxland is a graduate of the University of Tasmania (class of 2371) and the University of Alpha Centauri (class of 2373). He was a student journalist at both universities. In 2372, the Detapa Council invited Blaxland and 39 other student journalists from across the Quadrant to study at the University of Culat on Cardassia Prime. Several months later, when the civilian government was overthrown and Cardassia joined the Dominion, the arrangement was abruptly cancelled and he was deported.

In 2373, Blaxland was engaged by Linnunrata, an Earth-based news and entertainment syndicate, to report regularly from the Bajoran sector. The Dominion War broke out before he arrived, and Starbase 375 served as his primary base for much of the next two years.

In 2376, he moved to Starbase 118 and worked as a freelance journalist. During this period, his articles were syndicated by a number of Alpha- and Beta Quadrant news sources, one of which was the New Sydney Inspector, which recruited him as a full time reporter in 2381.

Blaxland was promoted to assistant editor of the Inspector in 2388, and managing editor the following year. He resigned in late 2391 after ten years on staff, citing increased pressure by New Sydney's planetary government to limit critical reporting and reveal the identities of dissenters. He re-located back to Starbase 118 in 2392, and began contributing to the Federation News Service as a reporter.

Personal life

Blaxland was born on Earth in the city of Tbilisi. He is a fifth-generation journalist, and was named after his great-great-grandfather. When not off-world for work, he lives in a flat in the Pikris Gora neighborhood of his hometown, Tbilisi.

FNS articles written by Nash Blaxland





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