Luciano Gal

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USS Victory
Luciano Gal
Position Enlisted Security Chief
Rank Chief Petty Officer
Species Haliian
Gender Male
DOB 233502.01
Age 66
Birthplace Ailthus, Halil

Luciano Gal is a PNPC simmed by Lieutenant (J/G) Avery, Lyanna. He is currently assigned to the USS Victory as an Enlisted Security Chief.

Vital Statistics

  • Name: Luciano Gal
  • Race: Haliian
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Ailthus, Halil
  • Age: 66

  • Marital Status: Single (Divorced)
  • Telepathic Status: T0/E3 (Low Empath)


  • Height: 6'3" (1.9 M)
  • Weight: 205 lbs.
  • Build: Lean, athletic for his age
  • Hair: Silver
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Distinguishing Features: Two noticeable protrusions on his forehead, just over his brow, as is common with Haliians


Mercurio Gal Luciano's oldest sibling, Mercurio Gal is a research scientist at the Haliian Science Institute. Mercurio and Luciano have never been close, though no animosity ever existed between the two. They exchange relatively formal letters once a year.
Albrecht Gal The next oldest of the Gal siblings, Albrecht was never as intelligent as his older brother, nevertheless he joined the Haliian civil service working as a security guard and earned the respect of his parents. Luciano and Albrecht were always at odds when they were young, and have not kept in touch since Luciano left to join Starfleet
Illario Gal The youngest of the Gal family, Illario followed in his oldest brother's footsteps and joined the Haliian Science Institute as a researcher. He was only six years old when Luciano left to join Starfleet, and the two have never had a relationship, good or bad.
Isabella Gal Luciano's fraternal twin, and the only female Gal sibling, Isabella is almost as much of a black sheep as her twin. She left home at the age twenty, two years after Luciano, to work as a general mechanic on a spacefaring freighter. The two exchange letters and video communication regularly, often joking about their crews and experiences with the same sardonic sense of humor.
Johan and Ahlana Gal (Deceased) Luciano's parents, now both long-since deceased, were always hardest on the one son who never seemed to fit into Haliian society like they wanted. After he left home, Luciano's parents essentially disowned him, not even exchanging formal letters. The two died approximately a year apart, not long after Luciano was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and given the enlisted security command of Starbase 23. He did not attend either of their funerals, nor did his twin sister.

Personal History


Halil had never been the right fit for Luciano Gal. He was usually the odd one out in a family that included both parents and four siblings, he never had much interest - or success for that matter - in school, and his sharp wit and penchant for sarcasm made friends a little hard to come by. So it wasn't much of a surprise to anyone when he left Halil just weeks after his eighteenth birthday to enlist with Starfleet. His grades, not to mention his attitude, made Starfleet Academy unlikely - but the tough, plucky young Haliian quickly found himself at home among the enlisted security crew. After a few years of grunt work, loading and unloading supplies, cleaning and cataloging weapons, and taking the occasional tongue-lashing from his superior officers, Gal began to mellow and mature - at least to an extent.

As he began to grow as a person, he found his Starfleet career quickly followed suit. Gal slowly climbed through the enlisted ranks and drew more challenging and rewarding assignments until he found himself as an NCO aboard a Sterfleet vessel. Following tewenty-nine years of service, an older, wiser Gal was transferred from his last vessel to Starbase 23 where he was to be the Chief of Security Operations. Although touted as a promotion, Gal couldn't help but feel like he was being retired - pulled from the wilds of exploration and combat to sit at a desk and supervise the young. After nine years of resigning himself to a boring and docile existence, a Starfleet communique ordered him to report to Starbase 118. At First, Gal simply thought he was being moved to a newer and more complex station, but closer examination of his orders revealed that he was to prepare for deployment aboard the recently re-commissioned USS Victory. Now, a generally mature, usually wise, still acerbic Luciano Gal will see if he still has what it takes charge head-first about the galaxy.

Ambitions and Goals

Gal was never the type to have any particular ambitions, at least not the type that have driven his actions. He originally hoped to become a Chief Petty Officer, then quickly earn a promotion to Warrant Officer, where he would serve out his career aboard his last posting, the USS Pueblo. Instead, when his promotion to chief finally came through after nearly thirty years of service - it came with a transfer order to Starbase 23.

With the career plan he had always imagined now gone, Gal essentially had no goals to chase. While his plan was to originally earn a posting back to a starship, he began to settle in nicely as the Starbase Chief of General Security. Of course, the moment he began to settle in, that transfer back to a starship became reality.

At this point, honestly, Gal's main ambition is to simply work on taking each day as it comes.

Other Notes

  • Personality

Although he has mellowed out in his older age, Gal has a relatively short temper. He tends to be sarcastic at most times, whether being serious or jovial. While not exactly "cold" in nature, Gal isn't easy to get close to and likely wouldn't be a good choice if one needed a shoulder to cry on.

  • Mannerisms

He often grabs handfuls of his own hair and tugs at them when he's frustrated or flustered. When he's tired or confused, he usually rubs the lobes on the front of his forehead, a trait shared by all Haliians.

During his first posting as a Petty Officer 3rd Class he once made a low growling noise at a new crewman during a moment of anger, and his department head found it so amusing that he wouldn't stop bringing it up. Ever since then, Gal has made the noise a personal trait when he's giving a lower-ranking crewman a hard time.

  • Hobbies

When he's planetside, Gal has always loved to take a good swim. He occasionally swims on his holodeck programs, though the experience isn't nearly as rewarding. He also enjoys Karo-Net, a game he picked up when first boarding Starbase 23.

Service History

Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
E1-Crew3rd-Gold.png Crewman 3rd Class 235405.01-235604.22 Utopia Planetia Shipyards General Crewman
E2-Crew2nd-Gold.png Crewman 2rd Class 235604.22-235704.25 USS Helin Security Specialist
E2-Crew2nd-Gold.png Crewman 2rd Class 235704.25-236211.30 USS Bozeman Security Specialist
E3-Crew1st-Gold.png Crewman 1st Class 236211.30-236311.30 USS Biko Security Specialist
E4-PO3rd-Gold.png Petty Officer 3rd Class 236311.30-236507.05 USS Discovery Security Specialist
E5-PO2nd-Gold.png Petty Officer 2nd Class 236507.05-237112.01 USS Yamato Security Supervisor
E6-PO1st-Gold.png Petty Officer 1st Class 237112.01-238201.04 USS Yamato Security Supervisor
E7-CPO-Gold.png Chief Petty Officer 238201.04-239106.01 Starbase 23 Chief of General Security
E7-CPO-Gold.png Chief Petty Officer 239106.01-Present USS Victory Enlisted Security Chief

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