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Paul Avery - Deceased With the lofty responsibility of being Chief Systems Engineer - Civilian Division of the United Federation of Planets, Paul Avery was always very focused on his work. He did spend a great deal of time with his young daughter Lyanna, though his hope for a son saw him constantly attempting to mold her very much in his own image, and most of their time was dominated by hiking, camping, and sport. He wanted Lyanna to follow him into civil engineering, having arranged numerous internships and work studies for her in the Federation Civilian Division. Lyanna's decision to spurn her father's footsteps and join Starfleet was one of the final fractures in an already damaged relationship. The two have not spoken for more than four years, since before Lyanna moved the short distance to the Starfleet Academy Dormitories. On SD 239109.03, Paul Avery passed away on Earth, the death was ruled to be of natural causes. Lyanna Avery took bereavement leave from Starfleet to attend the funeral.
Paul Avery
Jayne Avery A primary school teacher who spent much of her time at home with her only child, Jayne Avery was once considered a local expert in the field of ancient Terran literature. Her efforts to support her daughter in the face of her husband's wishes for a son ultimately rose to the level of an over-correction. As such, Lyanna's time with her mother was a mixed blur of clothing, makeup, and gossipy discussion – instead of the great deal of academic and cultural knowledge she could have passed on. Jayne had only communicated with her daughter by letter since Lyanna's departure for Starfleet Academy, and even then only a few times.
Jayne Avery


Herrera, Diego When Avery was first posted to the USS Vigilant, Fleet Captain Diego Herrera became her first commanding officer. Avery worked alongside the Captain aboard the Vigilant's bridge during an intense firefight, and immediately developed an incredible respect for his command abilities. Even though her time with him was limited, Avery will always view Herrera as one of the foremost influential figures in her development as a Starfleet Officer.
Flt. Cpt. Herrera


Eerie Avery and Lieutenant Commander Eerie had little interaction aboard the USS Vigilant, though when she received her transfer orders Avery was thrilled to be going to her new home with a familiar face. The two were together aboard the long-range transport back to Starbase 118, where Avery got her first insight into the imposing Brikar. Avery is nothing if not pleased to have yet another superior officer whom she respects and likes, and looks forward to serving with Eerie aboard the USS Victory.
Lt. Cmndr. Eerie

Personal History

Avery, studying abroad her senior year at Starfleet Academy and trying her hair darker than usual.

Lyanna Avery born an only child in the suburbs outside of San Francisco, Earth. Her mother, Jayne, worked as a primary school teacher with a personal passion for ancient literature. Her father, Paul, was a renowned systems engineer with the Civilian Division of the United Federation of Planets. While her mother was always enamored with Lyanna, the child she had so much difficulty conceiving, her father made little effort to conceal his own disappointments. The Avery family struggled for many years to conceive a child, finally resulting in Lyanna after significant help from Federation Medical. However, she was to be the family's only child, and Paul Avery had wanted nothing more than to raise a son.

Lyanna's childhood was filled with hiking, camping, and sports - her father taking every opportunity that he had to treat her like the son he never had. Her mother made every effort to let Lyanna be herself, though she often overcompensated for the influence of her husband and encouraged Lyanna to explore her femininity. Although she was well cared for, provided for, and outwardly happy - Lyanna was always pulled in two directions and never felt truly comfortable in her own skin.

As she grew into a young woman, one aspect of her father's influence proved extremely useful. As the Chief Civilian Engineer on Earth, Paul Avery was able to secure the best internships and educational opportunities for his daughter. Equally fortunate for Lyanna, engineering, math, and science were the only one of her father's pursuits that she actually enjoyed. After spending all of her primary school years focusing on hard sciences, Lyanna was accepted to the prestigious Science and Engineering School at Stanford University, not far from home. While Lyanna excelled in her technical courses at Stanford, she struggled to display confidence or leadership - still not sure of her own identity. In an effort to address her weaknesses, Lyanna chose to transmit her application to Starfleet Academy as soon as she earned her degree.

An application to Starfleet required a certain level of bravery from all, though it was much more difficult for Lyanna Avery. By choosing a career in Starfleet, even a short one, Lyanna was not going to be following in the footsteps of her father. It was the first time she had gone against the wishes of her father, and it set the scene for a nasty confrontation that caused a rift between the entire Avery family, one which has never fully healed.

At Starfleet Academy, Lyanna not only continued to further her understanding of the hard sciences and complex engineering, but she finally began to lead - and she finally began to feel comfortable as herself. While her academic life was flourishing, the long-time tom boy found that her social life was an entirely new type of struggle. The young cadet had undoubtedly grown into a beautiful woman, her once-toned athletic body softening somewhat over the years and leaving her with an undoubtedly soft and curvy feminine appearance. Though she never considered herself outwardly attractive, and only wore makeup and jewlery sparingly, Lyanna found herself the frequent subject of her classmates advances. She certainly was not averse to dating or romance, and she had no reason to believe that seeing a classmate romantically would impact her career or cause her to be taken less seriously ... but she also had no idea how to go about being in a relationship.

Lyanna Avery never did manage a healthy romantic relationship, though her personal and professional growth at Starfleet Academy was tremendous. She never mastered the security disciplines, but still graduated in the top ten percent of her class, with degrees in both Engineering and Physical Science. More importantly, she graduated with a concrete understanding of who she was and who she wanted to become ... even if she had to do it without her family.

Medical History

Complete Starfleet Medical File

Living Quarters

Lyanna Avery has standard senior officer quarters aboard the USS Gemini. Although junior officer quarters consist only of a single room, Avery has made a sincere effort to make her space both unique and warm. Growing up on Earth, Avery always had a comfortable and cozy space to return to at the end of a day. As such, she feels far less at home amid the polished metal bulkheads and uniform appearance of a starship than many of the children who were raised as "space brats." In order to help put her at ease when her shifts end, she made an effort to infuse both color and warmth into her quarters.

Her desk is a mess of the files and research projects which she reads both for fun and as in integral part of her duty as a Starfleet engineering officer. Amid the clutter of PADDs and hard-copy reports, a keen observer would also find several sheets of paper covered in meaningless doodles ... an old Academy habit that Lyanna still finds some peace and enjoyment in.

Two chairs that Avery took effort to cover in bright colors sit around a large table which serves just about every purpose imaginable, including a dining table for the occasional meal in her quarters. Beneath the table sits a Tri-D chess board which hasn't been used in some time ... although she does enjoy the game, Lyanna hasn't actually had a visitor in quarters since coming aboard the Victory.

Finally, both a large trunk and her standard closet are filled several fresh, gold Starfleet uniforms and a large variety of hand-sewn clothing originating from Earth, Betazed, and even Risa.

A semi-detailed schematic rendering of Avery's quarters.

Other Notes

  • Personality

Outgoing and friendly, the only situations that Lyanna generally finds her uncomfortable in are those that have romantic potential. As a child, Lyanna never had many friends, and so it would have stood to reason that she might lack social skills as she grew into a young woman. However, sometimes nature is more powerful than nurture, and Lyanna Avery is the type of person who was simply born to be outgoing. Armed with a megawatt smile and a joy for laughter, it was never difficult for Lyanna to make friends. However, a lifetime of being raised as tomboy by a father who wanted nothing more than to convince himself he was raising a son meant Lyanna never had the chance to experience young love - and so she developed her only social shortcoming. After years of being too shy to even approach a romantic situation, Lyanna eventually did go on a few dates during her later years in Starfleet Academy. However, she still has never been in an actual romantic relationship ... and it is quite easy to tell how nervous she becomes when a situation turns even remotely romantic.

In her work, Lyanna projects herself confidently and is always willing to lend a helping hand. As a gifted scientist and natural engineer, it's easy to understand the roots of her confidence, although this does present a few problems. Accustomed to being able to accomplish anything, Lyanna has occasionally found herself in over her head in a few situations where she should have simply asked for help earlier. Although she tries to hide it, dangerous situations are not her forte - and she is probably the last person you want with a weapon in her hand.

  • Mannerisms

Lyanna has a habit of biting at her bottom lip when lost in thought or trying to concentrate. When she isn't actively engaged in work, Lyanna often becomes fidgety - and when this happens she also shifts her weight from leg to leg and cracks her knuckles along with chewing at her lip. Although it's an unconscious habit, many people have noted that Lyanna is very expressive with her eyes and eyebrows when conversing or interacting with others.

Lyanna attending the Starfleet Formal her Senior Year.
  • Hobbies

Though she long-ago cast off much of the persona forced on her by her father, Lyanna re-discovered a love for some of the activities she once took part in unwillingly. Her mandatory Starfleet survival courses helped her to once again find enjoyment in hiking and camping, two things she once swore she would never partake in again. Although she no longer has many chances to spend time in nature, she has found several holodeck programs which allow her a temporary respite in the simulated peace and quiet of the ancient Muir redwoods outside of San Francisco. After discovering that she very much enjoyed camping and hiking, when she engaged in them on her own terms, Lyanna sampled several other activities that were staples of her childhood - namely lacrosse and soccer. Though she found it to be a healthy exploration of who she truly was, Lyanna found her love for nature to be unique and she has happily given up participation in all sports.

Likewise, Lyanna no longer feels bound by her mother's influences which once forced her to over-express her feminine side. However, as she learned at her first Starfleet Academy formal, she undeniably does enjoy getting dressed up in all manner of local fashion for nice night out.

When enjoying quiet time in her quarters or the nearest greenhouse, Lyanna loves reading poetry from all cultures … and occasionally tries her own hand at writing some. Lyanna never did develop her mother's interest in ancient literature, however, one of her great regrets from her days at both Starfleet Academy and Stanford University is not spending time studying writing or literature.

  • A Few of Her Favorite Things

Lyanna has a soft spot for most Terran cuisine, with classic Italian dishes being among her favorites. While at Starfleet Academy she also developed a genuine fondness for many Vulcan foods, most especially Saffir. Lyanna is not a particularly picky eater, and is always open to trying a new dish once. As with most Starfleet personnel, Lyanna has become quite accustomed to eating replicated dishes - but a home-cooked meal is one sure way to her heart. Although not much of a partier, she does often enjoy her down-time with a good glass of Terran red wine. The only other drink, aside from water, that you will regularly find in her hand is a stiff cup of Klingon Raktajino or possibly a good Terran coffee.

The closet in Lyanna's quarters proudly displays a collection of beautiful, hand-sewn Terran dresses given to her by her mother when she left home. While she and her mother have never been emotionally close, the gesture had a profound impact on Lyanna and she considers these heirlooms among her most prized possessions. Along with Terran clothing, Lyanna also likes to experiment with local fashion. Although the results have occasionally been humerous, and a few times in the Academy even disastrous, she enjoys finding ways to connect with other cultures which do not include inspecting their plasma delivery systems. Of the fashions she has seen and worn, Lyanna found Betazoid and (although very shy about it) Risan to her liking.


Stanford University

  • Date of Entry: 238408.01
  • Date of Graduation: 238705.15
  • Major: General Advanced Engineering
    • At the age of seventeen, after a primary school education filled with internships and work study programs at the Federation Civil Engineering Division, Lyanna enrolled in the prestigious Stanford University Engineering school. While at the planet-renowned research school, Lyanna focused on primarily on topics that were familiar to her – namely structural and mechanical engineering and mechanical physics. However, she also branched out by sitting seminars in starship engineering, advanced systems engineering, and astrophysics.
    • Lyanna graduated from the esteemed academic and research program in only three years, with a degree in general advanced engineering and a minor in physical science. Although she earned highest honors, Lyanna's greatest achievement was the opportunity to work as a hands-on research assistant with Dr. Aito Rho, the famed subspace engineer – one of the key proponents of her future Starfleet education.

Starfleet Academy

Avery Diplomas.png

Service History

Avery posting history main.png

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Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Ribbon Award Stardate Awarded By
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239106.01 Flt. Cpt. Herrera
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 239106.01 Flt. Cpt. Herrera
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg Explorer's Service Ribbon 239108.14 Cmndr. Nugra

Selected Sims

  • [Called Up to the Big Leagues:] Avery finally comes off the sidelines and has her first chance to work with the Vigilant's senior crew since her graduation from the Academy.
  • [Good News, Bad News:] Avery flashes some engineering skills while working with the Vigilant crew to combat a mysterious enemy.
  • [Smiles and Tears:] Avery makes bittersweet memories at her first awards ceremony as she earns a promotion and says goodbye to yet another home.

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