Lavinia Wilde

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Federation Arts Council
Lavinia Wilde
Position Administrator/Musician
Rank Civilian
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 233611.02
Age 64
Birthplace London, England, Earth
Writer ID C237708DW0

Lavinia Wilde

“Ignis usque ad consummationem saeculi (Fire until the End)”


Lavinia Wilde is a prominent administrator, conductor and musician for the Federation Arts Council.


  • Full Name: Lavinia Wilde
  • Race: Human
  • Place of Birth: London, England, Earth
  • Birth date: 233611.02
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: 0


  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 84kg
  • Hair Colour: Silver
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Voice: Husky but bright
  • Handedness: Right


  • Quarters: She lives in Paris in a nice suburban apartment.
  • Favourite Room: The holodeck
  • Habits: Hums music a lot. Loses concentration on conversations sometimes.
  • Mannerisms: Charming and polite, if a little distant.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: None
  • Hobbies and Pastimes:
  • Likes: Music, dancing, poetry, writing, performance
  • Dislikes: Fighting, bureaucracy
  • Ambitions and Goals: To become head of the Arts Council
  • Achievements in Life: Having many of her symphony's performed for worlds all over the Federation.
  • Disappointments in Life: Never marrying.
  • Temperament: Quiet and dignified


Personal History

Lavinia is the oldest daughter of six children to Charles and Catherine Wilde. Never marrying, she has become a sort of spinster in her later years, to which everyone thinks is unfortunate. She is generally warm and friendly, though sometimes distant. She is content with her own company though.

She works for the Federation Arts Council - an interplanetary body of the arts representing many worlds of the Federation - and composes and conducts her own symphony's. She loves music, poetry, writing, dance and other forms of expression and enjoys visiting the worlds which inspire them.

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