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The only remaining outpost of Klingon forces on Cart'hen III, Kri'dok is both a Klingon military base with 20,000 infantry troops and a penal colony pretending to be a mining facility with 5,000 guards and 20,000 prisoners. At any one time their are usually 5 X 5,000 man infantry regiments serveing at this location. They are rotated through the facility in order to recieve training in desert warfare.

This rotation cycle is in 6 month stages. When a regiment first lands at the base it's first duty for the first stage of its stay is as prison guards. This gives them a chance to slowly get use to the heat, dust and intense sunlight prior to starting their actual training out on the desert sands.

After that the next 2 stages involve more complex operations of longer duration out on the desert sands. The 4th stage involves mock combat against the 5th stage troops who will be rotated off world at the end of this training.

The Commander of the senior regiment is in charge of the entire facility. One of his duties is to ensure that the income from the mining/prison is sufficent to cover the expenses for the entire complex.

The military base is almost 3 km from the mining/prison complex and is composed of 4 large reinforced concrete buildings that are identical in design and layout. Each building is about 2,000 meters long by 750 meters wide on the surface with just over 2/3rds of the entire building below ground. Each of these buildings forms the side of a large square around the landing and take off pad for the base.

Each of these buildings is completely self contained with their own mess hall, storage rooms, armoury, barracks, hospital, brig, combat simulator rooms and athletic training facilities below ground. The area above ground holds the administrative and communication rooms. On top of that the entire exterior wall faceing out into the desert has defensive gun turrets every 100 meters. The other exterior walls all have openings for troops to fire out.

The mining facility is mostly below ground but the troops stationed their to act as guards for the inmates have one large barracks building built much like the ones at the base. The only difference with this one is that it has a secondary building 200 meters away that holds the metal for shipping as well as the vehicles used to transport it back to the military base. That and the exterior wall has no gun turrets but does have armoured slits that can be opened to allow the men in side to shoot out.

Around the outside of the huge mine works which are almost a full km in width are a number of small reinforced concrete bunkers. These hold around 10 Klingons at a time. Inside the mines are numerous guard stations and the prisoners are secured in the lower sections of the mines at night. Working conditions are harsh and the death rate can be high depending on the current Commander in charge of the facility.

Prisoners have escaped in the past and for the most part the Klingons don't waste their time hunting for them. Other than a casual search of the surrounding area. For the most part the desert usually kills them before a search party can find them.