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Solerian Sector

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  • Planet Name: Keleman
  • Location: Solerian Sector
  • Class: M
  • System Data: Keleman has one moon
  • Gravity: 1.05 G
  • Year and Day: 343/19
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
  • Hydrosphere: Moist, with 78% surface water
  • Climate: Cool and temperate
  • Sapient Species: 2000, mostly Caraadians
  • Technological Classification: Rating N- on the Richter Scale
  • Government: military base of the Peirs Coalition
  • Culture: Military supply depot
  • Affiliation: Peirs Coalition
  • Resources: none
  • Ship Facilities: Keleman has one major land-based starport

Other Details: Keleman is a wet, muddy little world with extremely heavy cloud cover. The rainy season in the northern hemisphere lasts seven out of the ten months, and the winters and summers are both mild. There is a small military supply depot in the northwestern hemisphere. The depot normally houses 1500 men, mostly non-combatants serving in supply and ordinance capacities. There are currently 500 additional men that Brol Peirs reassigned here who have no specific duties.