Kassa & Kirby's Wedding

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Thompson Kirby and Kassa Quay

Wedding Ceremony

((Holodeck Chapel - DS 17))

Rhys: My friends,

::Said Rhys,::

Rhys: today is a special day. Kassa Quay and Thompson Kirby are celebrating their love for each other in the act of marriage and in the exchange of rings. I call upon each of you to bear witness to this love, and to draw confidence from it. Confidence in the two of them, and in ourselves. As Starfleet Officers, we put our lives in danger every day, and we should seize any chance for happiness, as my two friends here are doing. Congratulations, Kassa and Thompson.

Marriage is a joyful union, but it is also a solemn one, and not one to be entered into lightly. Therefore, as required by Federation law, and the Terran traditions Kassa and Thompson have decided to celebrate, I must ask is there anyone here who knows any reason why these two should not be joined in marriage?

::The tense silence present at this point in every wedding gripped the room. After a few seconds, Rhys said::

Rhys: Good.

::There was a titter in the room, and Rhys smiled.::

Rhys: Being a solemn and binding union, I also ask the two of you if you know of any reason why you should not be married?

Kassa: ::glancing quickly at Kirby:: No, sir.

Kirby: No

Rhys: Also good. Who brings this woman to be married to this man.

::This was an odd part of the wedding, Rhys thought, but then, they weren't his traditions. Sam stepped forwards::

Rhys: Kassa and Thompson have written their own vows. They will now say them.

::He stepped back. Kassa turned to Thompson, looking radiant.::

Kassa: Thompson, I love you, and because I do, I don't want us to become just two more leaves falling to the ground. I want us to be a couple of worth - not so much in tangibles, but in the wealth of the love that we share.

I am thankful for my life, but most of all, I am thankful for yours, because in you, I find happiness and worth. Your love has made me want to be better, not only for you, but myself as well. You give me heart to go on and the spirit to face each day with a passion for living it.

You are my mentor, my guide through the unknown, and I place my hand in yours willingly. And with the confidence that you will never fail or harm me, I trust you with my love, and let you guide our path from this day forward.

::Thompson smiled. They were both so happy, thought Rhys.::

Thompson: I, Thompson Kirby, Take you, Kassa Quay to be my wife, my partner in life and one true love. I will be with you in times of prosperity and in times of want, in times of sickness and in health, in times of sorrow and joy. I promise to love and cherish you as long as we live.

Rhys: Thompson, do you have the ring?

Thompson nodded and turned to Nemitor.::

Rhys smiled as the rings were exchanged. They both turned to him, beaming and in lovet::

Rhys: If you don't kiss this bride, Thompson, someone else is going to.

Kassa closed her eyes as Kirby's lips covered hers, and they were suddenly alone, locked in a kiss filled with so much love that there was an expectation that it would last forever.::

::There was a general laugh, and the usual catcalls at the bridal kiss, and Kassa and Kirby reluctantanly separated, but immediately, she flung her arms around Captain Rhys, hugging him with great appreciation and affection.::

Kassa: ::whispering:: Thank you, Captain. You were perfect.

Kassa: ::laughing slightly:: I didn't understand it all either, but you know how Terrans are. Oh, speaking of which, I need to see Commander Perkins.

::Kassa lifted her train and ran to Commander Perkins, hugging him soundly too.::

Kassa: ::quietly, smiling into his eyes.:: Commander... you're the best. Thank you for everything. :: slips his commbadge into his hand, squeezing it closed:: I hope that this will always remind you of happiness and joy.

::The ceremony soon ended and they were off to the reception.::