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Kan'da'har system Star  · I  · II


  • Its orbit is approximately 135 million km from its star.
  • A terrestrial planet with a diameter of 14,309 km (8,943 miles).
  • Density of 5.1
  • Gravity of 1.04 G's
  • Axial tilt of 15% resulting in minor weather changes due to seasonal shifts.
  • Temperatures on average are approximately 33C during the day, dropping to 12C at night.
  • Seasonal changes may affect the weather by as much as +20 or -20 degrees
  • Approximately 47% surface water, with many rivers.
  • Standard atmosphere with a pressure of about 0.89 Earth normal, nitrogen 77%, oxygen 21% and other gases 2%.
  • The year consists of 276 days, and each day is 21.6 hours long.
  • Primary terrain features are sand and rock with excellent farm land near the rivers.


  • Unknown at this time, as the only known survey was conducted by the Klingons.


After the Klingons discovered this world they contacted the natives. Attempts were made to turn the native population into an effective work force. It was soon determined that they would be useless. Their religion with all its rules, customs and practices made it impossible. Regardless of age or sex, any action that threatened their religious beliefs instantly brought out the knives.


There are approximately 67 million members of the Kan'da'harian Species on the planet. The natives are divided into three major tribal groups that have been warring with each other for hundreds of years. These natives are from a pre-warp level of technology.

They call them selves the Sons of the Qu'Ran. Religion is the major motivating factor in their day to day lives. It is also the basis for their centuries long warfare with the other tribes. Each tribe interprets their religion in a slightly different manner, a manner the other tribes consider unacceptable. These differences are grounds for violent and deadly outbursts.

They largely fight using edged weapons but do have single shot rifles which are effective at a surprisingly long range.

Klingon Presence

Kan'da'har I has a Klingon military training base and a small colony of about 2 million colonists. The military base and the colony are both on the same large island. This keeps the Klingons separated from the natives who they find impossible to deal with.