Kaine Hawkins

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Starbase 118 Operations
Kaine Hawkins
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236506.19
Age 35
Birthplace Wales, Earth

Ensign Hawkins - -Engineer - -Template:StarBase 118


  • Height - 6'4"
  • Hair - Black (shaved)
  • eyes - Blue
  • build - Stocky


(Graduated academy together)

(Graduated academy together)

(Background/Personality/Career History)

Full name: Kaine Hawkins

       • Date of birth : 236506.19 
       • Species:Human 
       • Gender:male 
       • Hair color: black (shaved head) 
       • Eye color:Blue 
       • Height:6 foot, 4 inches 


       • Parents:Unknown 
       • Siblings:unknown 
       • Spouse:deceased 
       • Children:N/A 

Kaine was born in rural Wales (united Kingdom) the area was poor and opportunities few. His parents could of been any of a number of people but due to the poverty children were generally raised in groups by various people.

Not satisfied with the poverty stricken life he'd been thrust into he left aged 14 and went to London to seek his fortunes. Once there he found himself unable to obtain work and not capable of taking care of himself so he fell in with a crime syndicate. While operating with the syndicate he began to learn basic engineering to help with ilicit activities, such as disabling trasport shuttles so that the contents could be stolen and also to gain access to Higher security areas.

Age 20 Kaine meets a woman who he falls madly in love with. She convinces him to give up the life of crime and helps him get a job in a factory producing starship components. (Drive core casings, Warp core coils, Dilithium injectors etc.)

By 24 he'd made it to supervisor level and was on a promising career path

Age 25 Some former aquaintenance from his life of crime decide they want whats in the factory where he works. They use his partner to get him to comply, however something goes wrong and she's killed.

Nothing is known about what happens next but there are reports of several high ranking crime syndicate members turning up dead on the news in the following days

A few weeks later, a haunted man joins Starfleet

Age 29 He's in the holodeck carrying out final phases of Starfleet training

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