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A Black Tie Event. A Grand Ballroom with tables and chairs lining the right and left walls. A grand dance floor in the middle of the room - the federation symbol’s royal blue glowing in the subdued light. A buffet and a bar along the back wall. Holiday lights lining the walls and ceiling. A tree decorated with red, green, gold, and silver with a shiny gold Star on top situated on the wall behind the buffet. Sparkling universal religious symbols all along the walls with pictures of penguins and igloos. A hanging platinum chandelier menorah with colored flameless candles in the center of the room bathing the room in a dim but brilliant red and green glow. A wall banner with green glitter on a red background behind the tree reads “Happy Holidays One and All”. A holographic life sized penguin manning the bar with a red and white “Santa” hat on his head. A retro style jukebox next to the door plays holiday carols on a loop. A fireplace glows faded red and orange next to the bar, casting heat into the large room.

The holo-program “Jolly Holiday” is brought to you by Lieutenant Gwen Gardener and Ensign Thomas Janeway; the two brilliant Engineers aboard the USS Atlantis.

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