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Ensign John Largent is a tactical officer currently serving aboard the USS Drake.


  • Full name: John Daniel Largent
  • Date of birth (Age): 226706.16
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown, with natural dark blonde highlights
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Height: 5'11"


  • Parents: Isabel Marie and Thomas Mark Largent
  • Siblings: Susan Kelly Feldman (Older Sister, Married), Micheal Francis Largent (Younger Brother), Lynne Anne Largent (Younger Sister)
  • Spouse: Mayen Ligonis (Orion)
  • Children: None


John grew up in Ohio. His life there was relatively normal for a human in an industrial area. His father, Thomas, worked at the small craft shipyards as an engineer. His mother making the best home she could for him and his bother and sisters. John had grown up assuming that he would follow his father's lead and become and engineer, one day working at the shipyards as well. Then high school happened, and a new passion took John's heart, sports. John was never the biggest kid in school, nor the fastest, but what he lacked in size and talent he made up for in work ethic.

For four years he applied his best effort into sports, allowing his grades to slip, never low enough that he was in danger of failing, but everyone knew he could do better. It didn't matter to John, all that mattered was the next game. His school competed for the championship his senior year. In the game the unthinkable happened to John, he suffered a completely ruptured MCL in his left knee. And while his team won the game, John knew his playing days were over.

It wasn't until that moment that John ever considered that he wouldn't go on to play at university. So with the prospect of playing gone, John became some what depressed. That was until his sister came home from the academy to visit. With her she brought her future husband, Micheal Feldman. Micheal and John took a bit of a liking to each other and with Micheal's encouragement John applied to the Academy. John was accepted, but with an academic probation, as his grades were barely above grade.

John's four years at academy were hard, but highly rewarding. He met his best friend T'Pur there. He avoided the Sciences, and Engineering and Operations were tolerable. Tactial was by far his calling. The chess match of battle reminded him so much of the games he had played and the way each decision effected the next. During a training exercise, he met his future girlfriend and wife, a helm cadet named Mayen Ligonis. And immediately follwing their passing the final cadet exam, John and Mayen were married with little ceremony and circumstance. Unfortunately for them, their marriage occurred after their assignments, so for now they are married but apart.

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