Jeven Tajet

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Jeven Tajet.jpg

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Cardassian
  • Birthdate: 237510.31


Jeven Tajet is a Cardassian who was born the year that marked the end of the Dominion War. His father had been in the military and was killed during the conflict. His mother had served the Zorkal family and despite not being family, Lukin took pity on them and sponsored her and her son, Jeven. Growing up, Jeven was a half orphan, one of millions who had suffered the loss of one or both parents. Counting himself fortnate for his position thanks to the generosity of Dalin Lukin Zorkal, he spent his life working hard and playing hard. His knack for martial arts made him a first pick in military endeavours. Then, Lukin Zorkal, now an ambassador on Starbase 118 Ops, marked him for service under him. There, Jeven participated in a joint mission between Ops and Cardassians to assist Bajor in protecting an endangered species that was medically important. Since then, he has been on a special assignment as a guard to the Zorkal family, which now includes the Ambassador's betrothed, Trovek Arys, and his adopted daughter, Geleth A. Zantett. He has since grown close to the little Cardassian hybrid and looks upon her like a sister. When Lukin moved to Denali Station, Jeven went with him as part of his entourage.