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StarBase 118
Henry Maxwell.jpg
Henry Maxwell
Position Freelance Investigative Journalist
Rank Civilian
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237204.21
Age 29
Birthplace Jedburgh, Scotland, Earth
Writer ID O239311AM0

Henry Maxwell is a Freelance Investigative Journalist , presently residing aboard Starbase 118.


  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes: Brown (right), dark Hazel (left)
  • Build:
  • Skin Tone:
  • Birthmarks, Scars:
  • Tattoos / Body Modifications:
  • Taste in clothing (Off Duty):
  • Voice:


  • Carriage:
  • Mannerisms:
  • Quarters: Deck 830 North, Apartment 49C (Arturo's former quarters). Previous address: Deck 828 East, Apartment 15A.
  • Physical Limitations:
  • Hobbies:
  • Faith:
  • Temperament:
  • Personal Achievements:
  • Languages Spoken: Terran (Native, Italian), Terran (Native, English)
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:

  • Henry's Personal Wish List (Incomplete):

  • Henry's Personal Wish List (Complete):

Service & Employment History

Service & Employment History
Insignia Rank Presented By Dates Posting Assignment
Private 239004.22 - 239008.15 SFMC Depot, Brecon Marine Recruit
N/A 239008.18 - 239404.02 Roxburgh Express Parcels Courier
N/A 239201.15 - 239404.25 Jedburgh Hammers ARLFC Winger
N/A 239405.06 - 239712.14 Dry Dock Wharfers Ice Hockey Team Centre
N/A 239801.09 - Present Starbase 118 Freelance Investigative Journalist

Relationships: Family

William maxwelll.png

William Maxwell

Henry's "Auld Da".

William was a former Lieutenant-Commander who retired on stardate 237004.21 He was the CSO aboard the Ambassador-class USS Reiver (NCC 34496), retiring not long before his eldest son Arturo was born and after a shuttle crash on Earth. William emerged unscathed, but the Reivers First Officer - Arturo Bianchi - died on impact. When their first child was born - and at William's suggestion - they named the boy after his uncle. As a result of the accident, William was very quiet about his Starfleet service and very rarely wore his ribbons at formal occasions. He passed away at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh on Stardate 239707.10.

Abrielle Bianchi.jpg

Abrielle Maxwell nee Bianchi

Henry's beloved mother (pictured around age 23)

Abrielle is Henry's mother, and is always on the the lookout for a "nice girl" for him to marry. Fortunately, most of Abrielle's match-making attention is focused upon his older brother, Arturo.

Arturo & Henry Maxwell.png

Arturo Maxwell

Henry's older brother (pictured together on 239312.25). DOB:237005.14

Max is Henry's older brother, and the pair have a particularly close relationship. Both brothers tried out for the Marines but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Rosetta Maxwell.jpg

Rosetta Maxwell

Henry's sister. DOB:236707.01

Despite the open dislike between Arturo and Rosetta, Henry is close to both of his siblings. Brother/Sister relationship aside, Rosetta is counted amongst Henry's closest friends, and the two maintain regular contact with one another.

Mareta Bianchi.jpg

Mareta Bianchi

Henry's Cousin.

Henry is one of Mareta's many, many cousins and one that she is particularly close to. Whenever there was mischief to be had around any of the family homes, it would almost always be Henry and Mareta that were found at the centre of it.

Relationships: Professional

Relationships: Social

Background & Career History

Gallery: Family

Published Articles & News Stories Covered

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