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H'Atoria system Star  · Belt I  · I  · Belt II  · II  · III

This star system is located at coordinates 06-15-16.

It is in orbit of a class V, type M7 (Red) star called H'Atoria. The other objects in this star system are

  • 1)asteroid belt, it's orbit is approximately 42 to 58 million km
  • 2)a rock ball of a planet, it's orbit is approximately 85 million km, with a diameter of 6,264 km (3,915 miles).
  • 3)asteroid belt, it's orbit is approximately 132 to 141 million km
  • 4)a class M planet (H'Atoria II), it's orbit is approximately 179 million km, with a diameter of 10,955 km (6,847 miles). The Klingons have a major colony on this planet.
  • 5)a medium gas giant, it's orbit is approximately 219 million km.

The colony on the planets surface has prospered over the years. It is completely self sufficent and now has an estimated population of 28 million. Security for this sector is controled by the starbase. It usually has a fleet of between 7 and 12 warships assigned to it. In orbit over the colony is a large military starbase and a orbiting repair facility.