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USS Columbia
Gervan Bollore
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236603.17
Age 35
Birthplace Lemnos Colony

Ensign Gervan Bollore was a false identy of Ushaump Shal, which he used to pose as an engineering officer aboard the USS Columbia.

The following information is a record of this false identity and not accurate as to Shal's true biography.


  • Full name: Gervan Pierrick Bollore
  • Date of birth (Age): March 17, 2366 (30)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Height: 188 centimeters (6'2")

Personal Interests

  • Like most natives of Lemnos, Gervan has an interest in poetry, though he does not write himself

Personal Trivia

  • Along with three other cadets (now commissioned officers), Gervan is co-author of the highly successful holonovel Redeye Love.
  • One of Gervan's favorite books that he discovered at the Academy was Hesterman's Beyond the Galactic Edge: Humanity's Quest for Infinity
  • Commander T'Adlea introduced Gervan to the study of probabilities.
  • Gervan occasionally plays Chaweck-Warn, a dice game popular on Lemnos, though he will be the first to tell you that "the House has all the advantages" in the game.


  • Father: Iouen Bollore
  • Mother: Gwenola Bollore
  • Brothers: Briac Bollore, Tangi Bollore
  • Sister: Maiwenn Bollore
  • Uncle: Alban Bollore
  • Distant cousin: Bernez Cottonec

Family Trivia

  • Gervan's Uncle Alban has often remarked that if Lemnos had just been discovered by another starship, he'd have three wives comforting him in his old age, rather than being a confirmed bachelor
  • Although Gervan tested extremely high in mathematical and mechanical aptitude while in school, some of his relatives consider him "a little slow" due to his lack of literary creativity. He is most oft remembered by his relatives for stumbling over a line in the Skornhanez, during the presentation by his kindergarten class during a Founding day celebration.


  • 236603.17 -- Born on Lemnos Colony in the Bollore Homestead
  • 238403.17 -- Enlists in Starfleet, reports to Basic Training
  • 238405.30 -- Reports to USS Litana
  • 238604.01 -- Reports to Starfleet Technical Services Academy; is roomed with James "J-Rod" Rodney. Two become best friends until Gervan received an appointment to Starfleet Academy
  • 238909.01 -- Reports to USS Hygeia as a senior propulsion specialist. Almost immediately begins to be mentored by the ship's Chief Engineer, Commander T'Adlea. At Commander T'Adlea's prompting, Gervan eventually applies for and is accepted in Starfleet's program to recruit potential officers from its enlisted ranks.
  • 239203.04 -- Reports to USS Hinode, an impulse only vessel assigned to the Solar System as a platform for graduate and undergraduate students to study the Earth's sun. As such, the vessel never travels further than Mars' orbit. Gervan serves as the ship's Chief Engineer and Master-At-Arms, the latter position of which mainly consists in breaking up fights among the students while they are on board, and bailing out the rowdier ones when they're down planetside. Normally, the position required someone with the minimum rank of Chief Petty Officer, and was usually held by a Senior Chief Petty Officer with security cross training. However, the Hinode was due to be taken "off duty" for maintenance within a few months, the number of students who would be on board was smaller than usual, and Gervan's application for the position came with the recommendation of a highly regarded senior officer in Starfleet's engineering community. In the end, it was decided to give the soon-to-be cadet some practical, if limited, "command" experience
  • 239208.26 -- Reports to Starfleet Academy
  • 239605.26 -- Graduates from Starfleet Academy
  • 239608.26 -- Reports to USS Columbia

Lemnos Colony

Lemnos Colony was founded sometime in the early twenty-second century, though records, both on Lemnos Colony and on Earth, are incomplete. Lemnos lore suggests that at least two colony ships arrived at the planet that would become known as Lemnos colony, though again, there is no hard evidence to either prove or disprove this theory. Finally, the name Lemnos is purported to have been taken from the first colony ship to arrive on the planet, though there is no record of a ship named Lemnos having been constructed or loaded on Earth.

Lemnos circles around a dwarf yellow star, similar to that of Earth's, though Lemnos is approximately one and a quarter astronomical units from its star. In addition, it takes Lemnos five hundred and twenty-six days to orbit its sun. The Lemnos 'day' is approximately twenty three and a half hours.

The common joke on Lemnos is that their planet has two seasons: summer and hell. Summer on Lemnos, which last approximately six terran months, has been compared to an alpine summer on Earth. For the rest of the Lemnos year, the planet is wracked by powerful storms and bitter cold, and life on Lemnos (including the colonists) retreat underground. The original colonists mitigated the effects of the harsh non-summer seasons with primitive weather control, which was augmented by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers upon Lemnos' "rediscovery" by the USS Naxos.

The USS Naxos discovered the Lemnos Colony quite by accident in 2364 (two years before Gervan was born). Although aid and assistance was rendered to the newly discovered colony, Lemnos' importance to the Federation was increased due to the Klingon-Federation War and the subsequent Dominion War. Construction of a fleet yard was begun in the Lemnos system, but with a shifting of the fronts in the war, the original plans were scrapped and the yard became a minor depot and repair post. Nonetheless, Lemnos did see an influx of Starfleet and Federation Personnel and, during its 'summer' (now extended to eight months, thanks to Starfleet Corps of Engineers' weather control and terraforming technology), Lemnos is actually a pleasant planet to take shore leave on, though it is by no means a 'Risa.'

Although the 'native' language of Lemnos is Breton, upon its reconnection with the Federation, Standard was quickly taken up by the denizens of Lemnos, though there are pockets on Lemnos where only Breton is spoken (or where the residents pretend not to understand Standard, at any rate). This is especially true in certain cafes, even in larger settlements, where signs outside will be posted stating, in Standard, "Breton Only Spoken Here."

Breton at is spoken on Lemnos differs from how it is spoken on Earth. For one thing, Lemnos' Breton is an actual 'living, evolving' language, still used in homes, commerce and many (planetary) government functions. For another, Lemnos Breton was heavily influenced by an artificial language known as Esperanto.

Possibly one of the most mistranslated words in Lemnos' Breton is Tiegezh. In Standard, it is translated as either 'clan' or 'settlement,' depending on the context. The settlements in question are centered around geothermally heated caverns which colonists sought shelter in during Lemnos' 'non-summers.' Thus full- or part-time settlements maintained for various reasons (such as administrative, etc.) are technically not 'tiegezhs,' though they are often referred to as such by offworlders. In addition, members of tiegezh do not consist of interrelated families. In fact, each tiegezh will have at least one dedicated geneticist to monitor its population. Prior to its rediscovery, life expectancy on Lemnos was low enough as it was, without risking unnecessary genetic complications. To this end, different events were/are held to promote marriages between tiegezhs, and geneticists have the right to forbid any marriage. And even those Lemnos colonists' who are uncomfortable with the influx of offworld culture still appreciate the influx of offworld genetic material.

Chaweck-Warn, which translates "Twenty-two," is a popular dice game on Lemnos colony.

One of the more important holidays celebrated on Lemnos is Founding Day, held on the first day of "true" Summer. Founding Day celebrates the founding of Lemnos Colony. One of the original colonists, Yann Servat, wrote an epyllion referred to as The Skornhanez, which celebrates the endurance of the original settlers of Lemnos. The first stanza of the poem is as follows:

We do not stand down.

The winter comes
With ice and thunder,
The battle of frozen steel
Sounds at our disinterred gates,
And still we do not stand down.

A good portion of eighth grade literature on Lemnos is dedicated to the study of the Skornhanez. Many purists argue that the translation of The Skornhanex into Standard does not do it justice. Poetry is something of a passion among Lemnos colonists; a good poet enjoys a level of celebrity on Lemnos equal to that of a good athlete.

Tristan Solidor, a playwright who lived on Lemnos in the twenty-third century, is probably the most well known author from Lemnos. His play "Second Time's Never The Charm" is currently being performed throughout the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

One of the animals native to Lemnos is the Mustimio, a carnivore/scavenger that is commonly called the weasel-monkey. Part of the mating cycle of the Mustimio is for two males to charge each other on high, narrow ledges until one male gives way. This often results in the death of one male, and occasionally both.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Crewman Third Class 238405.30 - 238505.15 USS Litana
Crewman Second Class 238505.16- 238603.31 USS Litana
Crewman First Class 238604.01 - 238610.31 Starfleet Technical Services Academy Propulsion Spec
Petty Officer Second Class 238909.01 - 239102.13 USS Hygeia Propulsion Spec
Petty Officer First Class 239102.14 - 239203.03 USS Hygeia Propulsion Spec
Petty Officer First Class 239203.04 - 239208.25 USS Hinode Chf Engr/Mstr Arms
Cadet Fourth Class 239208.26 Entered Starfleet Academy Engineering Officer
Cadet First Class 239605.26 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineering Officer
Ensign 239605.27 - Present USS Columbia Engineering Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239605.26
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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