Gamma Taboa system

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Gamma Taboa system Star  ·Belt I  · I  · Belt II

This star system is located at coordinates 09-07-11.

It is in orbit of a class IV, type A4 (White) star called Gamma Taboa. The other objects in this star system are

  • 1)asteroid belt, it's orbit is approximately 238 to 273 million km
  • 2)a barren class M planet (Gamma Taboa), it's orbit is approximately 364 million km, with a diameter of 14,781 km (9,238 miles).
  • 3)asteroid belt, it's orbit is approximately 392 to 438 million km

Somewhere, hidden deep within the vast fields of asteroids lies the HQ of the Black Daggers, a branch of the Orion Syndicate which operate mostly in the Trinity Sector and sometimes within Acamar Sector. They are controled by the Orion, Lord Han'drin, leader of the Black Daggers and a full member in the Orion Syndicate.