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Note: Forum badges have been retired, having been superseded by the OOC Badges.

There were three main categories of Forum Badges:

Team Badges


You must be a member in good standing with the Team the badge is affiliated with in order to win one.

The Publicity Team has one badge that can be earned. It is earned by requesting and successfully placing a real world flyer in a location that may potentially bring in new members.

Request a flyer (UK)
Request a flyer (US)

At one time, forums badges were also awarded to members who collected the most points during a point in time where points were awarded for publicity missions. This is no longer the approach of the team, but some of these badges are still proudly worn on forums signatures.


Podcast Team

The Podcast Team has one badge that can be earned. It is earned by participating and winning the Scavenger Hunt that is released with each Podcast episode.


Competition Badges

These are badged awarded to the winners of a competition.

Halloween Competition

Every year, since 2011, the UFOP Forums has hosted a Halloween Avatar Competition among the Fleet Ship Crews. The following are the Halloween Badges that have been awarded:

  • 2011 Halloween Competition
    • 1st Place - USS Avandar
    • 2nd Place - USS Victory
  • 2012 Halloween Competition
    • 1st Place - Starbase 118 Ops
    • 2nd Place - USS Apollo
    • 3rd Place - USS Mercury
  • 2013 Halloween Competition
    • 1st Place - USS Excalibur - A
    • 2nd Place - USS Mercury
  • 2014 Halloween Competition
    • 1st Place - USS Apollo
    • 2nd Place - USS Constitution
    • 3rd Place - USS Gemini


Special Badges

These are considered Hard-to-Get Badges that will require more work and have some requirements in order to earn them.

  • Knows No Preview
    • Requirement: 5,000+ edits on the wiki
      • Tal Tel-ar
  • Cleans Up
    • Requirement: 3+ Writing Challenge wins (Now Defunct)
      • Jhen Thelev
  • I'd like to thank the little people
    • Requirement: Top Sims Contest winner
      • Sidney Riley (2009)
      • Alleran Tan (2010)
      • Evanna Blackwood & PNPC York (2011)
      • Kalianna Nicholotti (2012)
      • Greir Reinard & PNPC Chen (2013)
      • Kalianna Nicholotti (2014)
  • Makin' Magic