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FNS Team


Jocelyn Marshall
Samira Neathler

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Interested in keeping the public updated on the latest developments across the Federation? The Federation News Service welcomes both one-time and regular headline submissions for inclusion in the headlines newsfeed.

Objectives of FNS Headlines
  • Provide "bite-sized" IC news developments that can be shared across ships and referenced in sims to promote greater fleet IC continuity.
  • Give a fun, non-Starfleet creative avenue for simmers to develop the larger prime Trek universe. What's going on in the sports world of the Federation? What's the newest holonovel to hit the suites? You can help shape life in the 24th century!
  • Incorporate IC sim developments into the headlines to provide yet another way of telling our stories.

Submitting a Story

Two ways to submit your story:

What if I want to write an actual IC news article?

  • You are very much welcome to do so! Check out the FNS Manual of Style for some tips and examples of previous IC news articles.

Want to become a regular contributor? Join the FNS Team!