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FNS Dramatis Personae

The FNS Dramatis Personae is a "who's who" reference guide for FNS reporters.


  • Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco
  • Admiral Ashi T’Jiia
  • Lt. Cmdr. Lara Godolphin, an instructor at Starfleet Academy
  • Professor Uehn, who retired after teaching history for forty years at Starfleet Academy
  • Doctor Rajani of Starfleet Medical

Federation Officials

  • President Narala, previously Chief Administrator of Nimbus III who won the 2392 presidential election, succeeding President Nan Bacco
  • Ambassador Lily Ventu, Secretary of the Exterior appointed by Narala, succeeding Shelaen Varea under the Bacco Administration
  • Harriet Howe of Earth, Secretary of Justice
  • Senral Usei of Betazed, Secretary of Culture
  • Khiri Khibluk of Tellar, Secretary of Communications
  • Virita zh’Ivathos, UFP Deputy Attorney-General
  • Che’tai Jora, retired Federation Ambassador to the Tzenkethi Coalition
  • Former President Jaresh-Inyo (Dominion War era)
  • Thilene Herskoya, who served as security advisor to former President Jaresh-Inyo

Federation Council

  • Councilor Kevin Steiner, Senior Councillor from Terra Nova and 2392 presidential candidate
  • Councillor Malcolm von Tesch, junior Councillor from Earth who defeated Lily Ventu in the 2389 special election to succeeded deceased Councilor Kasumi Shakaturi.
  • Councillor Mara Kell, Senior Councilor from Betazed, formerly junior councillor
  • Councillor Antasa Dros of Peliar Zel II

Federation Security Council

  • Secretary Haros Chenta of the Federation Security Council

Federation Science Council

  • Dr. Nathalya Ferreira, director of the Federation Science Council

United Earth

  • Jay McCloskey, Assistant Director of Parliamentary Services, United Earth Parliament
  • Yu Xiùlán, United Earth Ministry for Justice ombudsperson

Other Officials of Federation Worlds

  • Governor Adellia Vor of Axanar and 2392 presidential candidate
  • Anari Kthria, Chief of Staff for Trill and 2392 presidential candidate
  • Governor Lars Durnsdale of the Martian Colonies
  • Governor Erol Broam of Proxima Centauri
  • Metera zh'Fey, Chancellor of the Andorian Empire
  • High Commissioner Kertek of Vulcanis
  • High Priestess T'Vara of the Varanites
  • Education Minister Roza Mett of Trill
  • Ashana Kazor, mayor of Trill’s capital city Mak’ala
  • Director of Agriculture E'qae-Lan of Niwa IV
  • Primal Kp'shaiel of Xyrillia and former 2392 presidential candidate
  • Siraan, Vulcan Kolinahr master
  • Yirduk Pim, a member of the Council of Ministers on Bajor
  • Beja Nyuanin, a former professor at Grand Karra University who led the Inoxan revolution
  • Empress Chandali xevenir Vok Mathaie XII, Sovereign of the Ahl, Grand Chancellor of Matok, Queen of All Under The Sky, Holy Regent of Xhir

Romulan Star Empire

Taron, Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire

Cardassian Union

Nirat Kalett, Detapa Council Press Secretary

Klingon Empire

  • A’Eleq, daughter of Thopok, a spokeswoman for the High Council

Officials from Non-Federation Worlds

  • Ambassador Wenrequi Cartop of Ornara
  • Ornaran representative Kyyn Serrenor
  • Brekkian delegate Renei Oberm

Business Leaders

  • Deborah Turow, CEO of Jennet Trade Securities Corporation
  • Tyson Holt, CEO of Holt New Alliance
  • Transport Union official Akilah Kalu


  • Akiana Grol, a Cardassian actress and chanteuse known for her controversial wearing of Bolian skins
  • Malitta Deregon, holonovelist and author of A Walk in the Park (horror)
  • Anaiyah, a Kerelian pop singer
  • Pelall, Bolian chef and host of the holoseries Bolian Cooking with Pelall


  • Dr. Tenya Koqi, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Royal University Hospital in Bersai, Selos III

Scientists and Researchers

  • Dr. Eloise Wancata, a researcher with the Qilin Project
  • Dr. Mohit Singh, medical researcher of the University of Betazed
  • Dr. Irina Bokava, chief researcher for the Nygel II Scientific Outpost 1

Other Academics

  • Professor Marius Stana of the University of Alpha Centauri and author of The Lost Frontier, an overview of various ill-fated voyages in the history of space travel
  • Professor Ograx of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Betazed
  • Dr. Marcus Brody, a professor of archeology at Marshall College on Earth

Political Commentators

  • Dr. Keahvon of the Cerberus Group, a San Francisco think tank
  • Dr. Katoh Erasi of the Federation Border Defense Think Tank, located in Terra Nova
  • Dr. Elivil Shagrar of the Tri-Planetary Academy
  • Professor Alix von Meck of the University of Bremen
  • Political adviser Matthew Broteivach
  • Professor Emil Arbelaez, chairman of political science at Pike City University on Cestus III
  • Professor Samit Blutan of the ShiKahr Institute