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Jocelyn Marshall
Samira Neathler

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Adding your article to the FNS and SB118 news platforms could not be simpler. If you have been added as a Contributor, you can add your articles to the sites as drafts for the editors. Here's how to do it.

Adding articles to the FNS and SB118 News

You can add articles to the FNS and SB118 News by following these steps:

Editing the article

  • Write or edit the article you wish to publish.
  • Use the Federation News Service Team: Manual of Style to edit to the standards we need. Following these steps is important to ensure we keep a consistent style.
  • Head to the FNS Google Groups and post your article, or edited article, to get some group feedback.
  • If you are not a member of the FNS and want to join, contact the taskforce leadership team, or submit your own article here.

Adding the article to the news

Once you are added as a Contributor on the FNS and News, you can add your articles by following these instructions:

  • Go to the site required (either FNS or SB118) and login with your credentials.
  • On the left, go to Posts > Add New. If you're feeling brave, you can use the New draft option beneath the article title of a similar post.
    • This is useful for articles like the ship reports, interview, and poll of the month articles, where categories, tags, and featured image information rarely change.
  • Add your article title and the article summary with location tag like so:
Adding an article could not be simpler!
FNS HQ, MARS - A lot can happen in an article, especially when a starship comes through the window.
  • Add the body of your article by pasting without formatting. You can do this either by using Google Chrome and pasting with CTRL + SHIFT + V, or by pasting the article into a simple word editor (like Notepad) and copying from there.
  • The draft will save automatically.
  • If you have additional privileges, you can schedule a publish date in accordance with the Monthly News Schedule and the FNS Schedule.

If you find there are options in the article writer missing, press the cog on the upper right corner, which will open the docked post information.

Adding the extras

  • Select the categories from the list. For most articles, the category you choose will be self-explanatory, or you may need to lookup similar articles for the category used.
  • Select the tags to add. Start by writing the tags in and frequently used tags will come up for you.
  • If you have the option, change the author in accordance with the writer of the article. For ship reports, choose FNS Admin.

Featured images

Featured images on the FNS need to be either created and good quality, from Star Trek, or from Creative Commons and royalty-free stock images. You can get creative or use images from free stock image websites such as Pixabay or Pexels. Make sure the image is a good size, preferably 1200 x 868 pixels.

However, you may not have the privileges to upload the media to the media library for use. Instead, prod one of the facilitators to add this for you when they schedule your article for publishing.