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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Chief Engineering Officer
  • Ship: USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Haliian
  • Spouse Jennifer O'Rily Yys (AKA Jenyys)
  • Children Tysyys

  • DoB: 235110.30
  • Weight: 6'4
  • Height:
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown

Awards and Service Ribbons

Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Awards DutyPost PhoenixAward 2011.jpg Awards Special Kalendra 2011.jpg

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Eskyys has served on many ships and starbases within the fleet.

  • Current Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Engineering Officer (CEO)
  • Current Vessel: none
  • Date Assigned: -
  • Species: Haliian
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 235110.30
  • Age: 44
  • Place of Birth: Halii, neer the spaceport of Halocan


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 1.92m (6'4")

Family History

  • Mother: Gayyys SD 236208.11 Mother Started work for same Co. as Data Processor.
  • Father: Rosyys working for private Engineering Firm, Repairing Personal Starships, Company name DANM Inc.
  • Siblings: none
  • Spouse: Jennifer O'Rily Yys (AKA Jenyys) Married on 238501.24
  • Children: Tysyys Born 238505.24 ( After accelerated pregnancy), Terry Grant born approximately 2372

Personal History

Born on the planet Halii Esk lived a typical life until he was 3. For reasons he did not know, and probably would not understand if he had, Esk parents packed what they could and left the planet. They moved to Starbase 74. His father had found work helping assemble the station until it was Commissioned in 2358. After the commissioning Ros and Gay started up a small repair service for non-starfleet ships visiting the station.

In 2362 Esk returned to Halii to stay with his Grandmother for the summer months, she is the person who taught Esk about Canar crystals, until her sudden death in 2364. His parents returned to Halii for the funeral. At the funeral there was a confrontation between his father and his uncle Rik. After a heated argument there was silence for several minutes, they Rik broke down and hugged Ros, begging forgiveness for some wrong Esk new nothing about. After some more talk Rik asked if the family would return to live on Halii. Ros said no, but they would visit when they could. Before they left Rik brought a box to Esk. He recognized it immediately, it was his Grandmothers collection of Canar crystals, it was her wish that Esk should have them.

After returning to 74 Esk began helping his father with repairs. At first it amounted to running for parts and/or tools. But within a few months he began offering suggestions on how the jobs could be better handled. By 2367 Esk was well on his way to becoming a full time engineer. Many of the younger Captains that came to the family business started asking for him. He had developed a solid reputation for inventive solutions for older systems. He especial liked working on the retired and resold Starfleet systems. He came up with several designs that extended there service life. Several of those improvements made there way back to Starfleet.

By 2371 Esk was well known to the Starfleet personnel and officers stationed on the Starbase. After receiving a curious request to see the station Commander ( Quinteros ). The Commander had a challenge for him, an SCE team was taking leave on Tarsas III. He had asked the SCE team to administer a test for Esk. Of course at the time he told Esk it was to see if he was qualified to work on active Starfleet vessels. A rather ingenious deception as what Esk was taking was an entrance exam for Starfleet, with a heavy leaning toward engineering.

A week after the test the Yys received an invitation to join the Commander for dinner. A rather unusual request in the families experience. At the dinner Quinteros came clean about his deception of Esk. But he quickly pointed out he had not lied. He had just not mentioned that in order to work on the ships he would have to join Starfleet. He had further explained that he had not wanted to get them overexcited about the possibility of Esk being accepted to Starfleet. But he was happy to tell them that Esk had passed without trouble. And he would provide a letter of recommendation whenever Esk was ready to join Starfleet.

Unfortunately Esk was unsure weather he would go. He thought about it for over a month, until his father walked up to him one day and bluntly asked him if he had raised a complete fool. The training he could get in Starfleet was second to no one. Esk argued that he was to old, after all he had just turned 22. At that Ros had laughed so hard he almost fell down. After waiting for his father to catch his breath, Esk asked him what was so funny? He was told, quite bluntly, that if a hundred year old Vulcan could do it why would a 22 year old have any problem.

His next argument was that he had to stay to help keep the business running. This caused Gay to laugh at him. She told him they had been sitting in the black for over fourteen years and they would have no problem keeping it that way. Esk looked at his parents and finally took the time to dream. A month later he was on Earth.

Professional History

  • Passed entrance Exam with a 98.4 in Engineering. Not as well in command area. "A very capable young man" RAdml Quinteros.
  • Had trouble adjusting to strict rules enforced by Starfleet.
  • Quickly moved through all engineering courses. But had difficulty with Command courses.
  • Also met Ens. Nariah. They helped each other through the next four years (becoming fast friends)
  • After training was assigned to USS Freedom-A then USS Paladin.
  • After several difficult missions on PALADIN, Eskyys was contaminated by an alien presence. To prevent endangering his friends he forced the alien and himself into a coma-like state.

When he awoke the PALADIN had been put in for a refit. For reasons unknown to the crew, they where all transferred to the USS Atlantis, while the PALADIN was sent to a deep space mission. *Although PALADIN lost her MVA system Eskyys convinced his captain and Starfleet to leave the third warp core as a backup. An idea he is trying to get Starfleet to incorporated into new ship design.

  • After a simulated mission the crew of ATLANTIS was sent to capture a terrorist, But due to local politics the Atlantis was sent back to SB118 and her crew scattered among the fleet, for Eskyys this meant SB 118.
  • This proved somewhat traumatic for Eskyys. He not only lost his friend Nariah, but also his first love Dr. Greene, Jennifer Catherine. He has become reckless with regards to his own safety. Putting himself in dangerous situations without caring of the possible cost to himself.
  • After serving for some time as Chief Engineer on SB118 Eskyys fallowed the rest of the command crew to take over the Discovery-B and serve as her Chief Engineer And Later as Her First Officer under Captain Waltas. This is when he met his wife, Jennifer Green O'Rily. AKA: Jenyys.
  • After serving as XO Eskyys requested to return to Engineering for personal reasons.
  • Returning to Discovery after helping rebuild a Constitution class Starship Esk was made Chief of Security.

Character Data

  • Previous Ships Served On: USS Freedom-A,USS Paladin, USS Atlantis,StarBase 118 Ops,USS Discovery-B, USS Discovery-C
  • Awards Received: * Sheathed Sword * Scotty Cross * TOSMA 2 * Kalendra Award * Phoenix Award (ENG)
  • Groups: Discovery-B
  • Rank Upgrades
    • Ensign: 237811.11
    • Lieutenant JG: 237906.28
    • Lieutenant: 237912.31
    • Lt. Commander: 238307.12
    • Commander:
    • Captain:
    • Fleet Captain:
    • Commodore:
    • Rear Admiral:
    • Vice Admiral:
    • Admiral:
    • Fleet Admiral:


  • Feels that without Nariah help he would not have made it through Starfleet.
  • Prefers to challenge those around him to do their best.
  • Has habit of charging into situations rather than think it through.
  • Hobby:creates detailed holograms of ships,of any time period.
  • He has spent years learning to wield, and the making of knifes.