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  • Full Name: Jennifer Catherine Greene
  • Current Rank: Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Medical Officer
  • Current Vessel:
    • Date Assigned: 238209.20
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 235603.12
  • Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa, Earth


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue/Green
  • Height: 5'8

Family History

  • Mother: Marie Greene
  • Father: John Michael Greene
  • Siblings: Derek Greene(24), engineer on the USS Sovereign; Courtney(29), former marine now stationed at Starfleet Intelligence.
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none

Personal History

In the academy, and throughout most of her life, Jennifer was very naïve and believed in every person there was a spirit of good. Deep into her last year at the academy, Jennifer lost her fiancée in a mugging and was badly injured herself. Spending three weeks in recovery from a close-range disruptor wound, she vowed not to let it happen again.

Since being stationed on the Freedom, Paladin and the Atlantis, Jennifer has seen many terrible things and also lost many friends. That has made her somewhat distant and very hesistant to get too close to anyone. A good friend, Mark Pepper, has since helped her overcome some of her problems and her love for him runs very deep. They seperated ways when the crew from the Paladin was transferred to the Atlantis. She still stays in contact with him.

Professional History

Jennifer grew up in South Africa before moving to San Francisco upon her acceptance to Starfleet Academy. Completing her general courses with an 90% average she majored and excelled in command leadership economics, aviation studies and exobiology. After the academy she decided to pursue a career as a medical officer.

Upon completion of a year at Starfleet Medical School, she was accepted into Starbase 118 training. Jennifer excelled among her peers and was placed aboard the USS Freedom-A. After a brief stint on the Freedom, she was transferred to the USS Paladin where she was the Chief Medical Officer for three years before the entire crew was transferred to the USS Atlantis, an Intrepid class, where she assumed the roll of First Officer.

  • 237401.23 – 237812.07 => Cadet at Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, USA, Earth.
  • 237901.14 - 237901.23 => Training, Starbase 118, UFOP.
  • 237902.03 - 237902.16 => Assistant Chief Medical Officer – USS Freedom-A
  • 237902.20 - 238111.04 => Chief Medical Officer – USS Paladin
  • 238111.04 – 238209.18 => First Officer – USS Atlantis
  • 238209.20 – present => Chief Medical Officer – USS Independence

Character Data

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign:
  • Lieutenant JG:
  • Lieutenant:
  • Lt. Commander: 238104.13
  • Commander: 238111.16
  • Captain:
  • Fleet Captain:
  • Commodore:
  • Rear Admiral:
  • Vice Admiral:
  • Admiral:
  • Fleet Admiral:


Jennifer’s first love still remains being a doctor although she thoroughly enjoyed being in the XO’s chair. She is also telephatic after an accident with mind crystals.