Jefferson Nariah

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  • Current Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Science Officer
  • Current Vessel:
    • Date Assigned: 237811.14
  • Species: Bajoran/Terran
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 235207.17
  • Place of Birth: Capitol City, Bajor


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Height: 190 cm

Family History

  • Mother: Jefferson (neé Gara) Hamely. Missing, presumed deceased. Bajoran
  • Father: James Jefferson. Deceased. Terran.
  • Siblings: Jefferson Sarijah. Current whereabouts unknown. Bajoran/Terran. Older sister.
  • Spouse:
  • Children:

Personal History

Nariah's mother disappeared whilst on a Resistance mission when Nariah was very young. His father continued to raise him and his older sister. Nariah was eighteen when the Occupation ended. His father insisted on returning to Earth, and wanted to take his children with him, but both refused. Nariah wanted to stay on Bajor and join the Bajoran Anthropological Museum. His sister, Saji, simply fled on a freighter headed towards the gamma quadrant, and hasn't been heard of since.

This loss has hit Nariah hard. He continued despite this and work for four years in the BAM, working his way through the ranks of the museum, becoming quite noted in Academia for his archaeoanthropological skills and studies. He had been pegged to be the next Director. That could have been his life. But he didn't want that, that wouldn't do, he wanted to explore, to study further. He didn't like the thought that he might stop learning. He handed in his notice, rather suddenly, in fact, bought a runabout and... well, ran about. For about a year. It was only a Warp 7 engine, he didn't get very far, but he gunned it for most of the way, trying to escape the places of which he knew in any detail.

Eventually he had to stop in at a starbase for servicing, to plan the next part of the route, and so forth. It was Starbase 118. He fell in love with Starfleet, its politics and its explorations. He applied and was accepted to major in Science. For his first year this he did, but after his first exams, he decided that, despite his experience and love of science, counselling should be his position.

He changed his major in his second year to counselling, but retained science as a minor (with diplomacy also as a minor). Excelling at science, and still managing to be in the top seventh of his other classes, Nariah's academic excellence came from his matured life experience. Eventually he decided to transfer across to the Science Department - his longing for his old and first love too strong to ignore any longer, but he has appreciated his time and education in counselling, valuing the experience. Perhaps he will return to it one day.

Professional History

Nariah served as Counselor aboard the USS Freedom-A until it was decomissioned.

Nariah then served as Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Paladin. He was relieved of duty briefly due to medical problems, but was reinstated.

Character Data

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign:
  • Lieutenant JG:
  • Lieutenant:
  • Lt. Commander: 238104.13
  • Commander:


Nariah has acquired a taste for Gedoro Tea, a Kerdrulan specialty. [[Category:Characters