Embassy Medical Unit

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Medical Center Floorplan

Medical Center Ground Floor

Medical Center Second Floor

Medical Staff Members

  • Day Shift
    • Doctor Alucard Vess
    • Charge Nurse: Sarah Red Elk
    • Paramedic: K.R. Susoo
  • Evening Shift
    • Doctor Alucard Vess - On Call
    • Charge Nurse: Jane T'kam
    • Paramedic: T.J. Culand
  • Night Shift
    • Doctor Alucard Vess - On Call
    • Charge Nurse: Vonni
    • Paramedic: Tom Harris
  • Head Surgeon - Dr. Gabriel

Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)

The Embassy Medical Unit is equipped with one EMH named Bobby (affectionately called, Doctor Bobby), that supplements the medical staff during times of emergency, and also serves with the relief team. Bobby is capable of diagnosing and preforming treatments by tapping into the over 2,000 medical references in its data bank.

Chief Medical Officer's Office

Chief Medical Officer's Office
  • Chief Medical Officer Doctor Alucard Vess's office is located inside the Medical Unit just inside the main entrance and allows the doctor to see out into the main room where patients are housed on Bio Beds. The office not only allows the doctor a place for consultations, but also allows room for confidential patient files and library of current procedure files that can be accessed by a computer. A second door allows the CMO easy access to the medical conference room, recovery rooms 1 & 2, the surgical suites and the ICU.
  • It is the Chief Medical Officer's duty to learn the physiology of the Laudeans; Deal with new virus and bacteria exposure among StarFleet crew; Assist with medical emergencies in the Laudean population as necessary; Attend to the medical needs of the Embassy Staff and guests.

Bio Beds

  • Biobeds continually monitor the patients physical condition, and are capable of treating minor injuries. They also have other functions, such as restraint, isolation and quarantine by engaging the biobeds forcefield. Each bed is equipped with lights, an array of biological sensors with biological scanners, the results of these scans are displayed above each bed for easy reading.