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USS Invicta


Edward Johnson


  • DoB: 2368
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • T/E Level: 1

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Edward Johnson is a helm/com/ops officer assigned to the USS Invicta.


  • Full Name: Edward Johnson
  • Race: Terran, Vulcan, and Yassengoro
  • Date of Birth: 2368
  • Place of Birth: Alpha Centaur, Desert Regions
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 1


  • Height: 5'8"
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Fair


  • Marital Status: Single




  • Mother: Evaline Johnson
  • Father: Christopher Johnson


  • Great-Grandfather: Edward Brandon Johnson (deceased)
  • Great-Grandmother: Captain Narada Johnson, Starfleet Academy
  • Grandfather: Captain Alexander Gregovich, USS Hallmark
  • Grandmother: Captain T'Lan Johnson, USS Ebon Gray
  • Nephew: Jacen Johnson


  • Sister: Jania Johnson (deceased 239004-11)

Professional History

  • 238904.30: Posted to USS Apollo as Chief Helm Officer.
  • 239002.06: Promoted to Lieutenant JG


Personal History

Edward Brandon Johnson was born on Earth and was raised in the desert range of Alpha Centuar. His only other sibling is Jania Johnson, age 23. His parents are Evaline Johnson and Christopher Johnson. His living grandparents are T'Lan Johnson (Human/Vulcan hybrid) and Alexander Gregovich (the only Yassengoro in the family). Edward grew up on and off Federation ships, deciding to join Starfleet after a navigation incident nearly killed Evaline Johnson and Alexander Gregovich during a family reunion.

Edward had a natural affinity for piloting and spent time flying and, much to the authorities displeasure, racing with friends. On Alpha Centuar at age 15, Edward entered a community drive for families in trouble during last year's desert storms. Amongst friends and family, a racing group challenged him to a race, betting well over 250,000 Federation Credits that "this wet-eared, green boy" was no match for this group. Edward entered the race despite the pleas of family. He came out in first place and took the money for the community, becoming part of an intercommunity leader because of his act.

The same year, Edward joined a group of friends in a orbital skydive stunt. The stunt recquired them to land on the roof of the Federation embassy while the defense shields were undergoing a test. He became the youngest and only person to accomplish both the stunt and dive as others were blown off-course during the parachute stage. The scolding he received was only mild as T'Lan Johnson recounted some stories of his great-grandfather and namesake. Secretly impressed by the deed, Johnson's punishment was minor. This was the beginning of Edward's love for orbital skydiving.

During academy years, Johnson's knack of getting in trouble seemed to increase but so did his flying. He completed his courses in record-breaking time: 5 minutes and 47 seconds when it should have been at least fifteen minutes. A hearing proved that the time was genuine, earning Cadet Johnson an award (the trophy and plaque is currently residing at Starfleet Academy on Earth). In addition to flying, Edward developed his fighting skills, something that many would-be bullies found. His training involved Muay Thai and Tai-Kwon-Do.

Cadet Johnson's cadet cruise went smoothly, impressing the instructors who thought that he would be even more reckless with a capital ship than a shuttle or fighter. However, trouble did arise six months into the cruise that was dealt with on both sides. Jania Johnson was a Leiutenant Commander onboard the USS Galaxy, the ship which the cruise was on. A fight broke out between Cadet Johnson and another cadet, resulting with the cadet being confined to sickbay fo two days while Edward had a bruised eye. The scuffle began with the cadet flirting and eventually attempting to inappropriately conduct an action with Jania, Edward coming around during the attempt. Due to the nature of the reasons, Johnson was confined to quarters for the length of the injured's medical stay, the second cadet receiving confinement to quarters for a week after medical stay.

On stardate 238906.15, Johnson's genetic material was reviewed and was discovered that he possessed Yassengoro genes. The genetic material had suffered major degrading due to his other heritages of Vulcan and Earth. He does however, possess ESP. Another interesting footnote in his medical records is that possibility of full-scale telepathy is possible if linked to one or more people that have empathic/telepathic abilites.

On stardate 239004-11, Johnson's sibling Jania Johnson died in the line of duty. Johnson went on an extended leave to attend funeral services and family matters.

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Starfleet History

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ensign-Red.jpg Ensign 238904.30-239002.06 USS Apollo Chief Helm Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Red.jpg Lieutenant JG 239002.06-239104.22 Chief Helm Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Red.jpg Lieutenant JG 239107.23 - 239110.02 USS Gemini Helm Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant JG 239208.07 - Present USS Invicta Helm/Com/Ops Officer

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