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Denali Station
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Ebiss Ton
Position Intelligence, Chief of Station
Rank Commander
Species Trill, Joined
Gender Male
DOB 234318.04
Age 56
Birthplace Leran Manev, Trill
Writer ID E239305OA0

Commander Ebiss Ton is currently serving as Chief of Station for Denali Station.


  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 74kg
  • Hair: Brown and Grey
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Thin

Though the 'official' uniform has moved to the standard 'red', Ebiss prefers his black uniform shirt and wears it as his regular duty uniform.


Jovial, but straightforward, Ebiss is not one to underestimate himself or others for the sake of being polite. Will give clear assessments of situations, and is confident enough to know when he can follow through on something, and when he needs to say information is wrong. Will not 'go along' with a situation just to 'get along', but is willing to act on less than complete information, cautiously.


Born to the Mines family, Ebiss was the youngest of 4 siblings. The Mines family was an outlier in his parents, Jerjel and Aba did not want their children to be joined. Of the four Mines children, Ebiss was the only one to pursue joining.

Previous Ton hosts have included a classical dancer (Jeesre Viam), an anthropologist, and an ecologist.

Ebiss has served as an intelligence officer since leaving the Academy having showed an affinity for the work - specifically for collecting and assembling data, and seems equally at home in the field and behind a desk.

Ebiss has one, grown, daughter (Eso Mines) from a previous marriage that ended amicably.

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