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Real World

In reality, my name is Emerald. I am a cheerful person with dedication and loyalty who grew up a gamer girl. I play all kinds of card, board, and RPGs though this is my first play by email. I love the wonderful sense of community and friendship this group offers as well as the ability to fuel my love of reading and writing.

Most people ooc tend to call me Em, Emmy, or after whichever character is my primary at the time. Most people call me by a character name instead of my real name and that is fine, use whichever is easier, just be warned I have a habit of changing my primary character.

Out of Character

  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Currently on LOA
  • I have been on the Atlantis Staff, the Doyle Staff, the Athena Staff, the Training Team, the Publicity Team.
  • I have Facilitated the Character Guild and the Podcast Team.
  • /Sandbox
  • /Sandbox 2
  • /Sandbox 3

OOC Promotion Dates:

  • Academy Graduate: 239101.21
  • Ensign: 239101.21 - 239102.11
  • AWOL: 239102.13 - 239110.15
  • Returned from AWOL: 239105.25
  • Ensign to Lieutenant JG: 239108.26
  • Lieutenant JG to Lieutenant: 239110.30
  • Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander: 239207.03
  • LOA: 239211.23 - 239304.17
  • Returned from LOA: 239304.18
  • Promotion to Executive Officer of the USS Doyle-A OOC 239307.05
  • Stepped Down from XO and Transitioned to Deck Officer 239405.02
  • LOA: 239406.28
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
Genesis Award 239112.18
USS Atlantis
For officers who show conspicuous effort in improving their simming skills.
Awards DutyPost PhoenixAward 2011.jpg
Phoenix Award 239201.01
USS Atlantis
This award goes to those Engineering officers who continue this tradition of excellence in the field of engineering.
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Neelix Award 239306.22
USS Doyle-A
The Neelix Award is a general award given to those who demonstrate extra, out of character, simming devotion. This includes, helping fellow officers who are in need of simming aid, running OOC sims, upkeep of wiki pages, etc.


Primary Character/Secondary Player Character
Character name Rank Species Posting Assignment Status
Sabrina Holly Lieutenant Commander Human Deck Officer USS Athena Inactive

Training Team Mock Cadet
Character name Rank Species Posting Assignment Status
Nissa De'vil Cadet Terran Any USS Centris-A Inactive

Former Characters
Character name Rank Species Posting Last Assignment Status
Gwen Gardener Lieutenant Human Chief Engineer USS Atlantis Deceased
Aurora James Lieutenant Human Medical/Counseling Officer USS Thunder-A Deceased

Character name Rank Species Posting Assignment Status
Sassi Kax Marine Captain Trill Marine USS Athena Inactive
Bam Bam Lieutenant Pelian Security Officer USS Athena Inactive
Rino Kani Civilian Bajoran Doctor/Tharapist USS Athena Inactive
Jazmine Snow Civilian Human Civilian USS Thunder-A Inactive
Elindra Kax Major Trill Marine CO Deep Space 285 Inactive
Sorlo Kax Lieutenant Trill Security Officer Deep Space 285 Inactive
Lotas Bazen Ensign Orion/Trill Intelligence Officer USS Athena Inactive