Drexiquotal system

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Drexiquotal system
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Last Updated: 239101.05

The Drexiquotal System is home to one of the member races of the Erscyne Trade Alliance, who live on Drexallis.

System Composition

The system is comprised of a single star orbited by five planets. Only the third planet is able to sustain life, and does so abundantly well. Drexallis is the most populated of the Trade Alliance worlds, mostly due to the mild climate and abundance of water. Other planets in the system include rocky planets and gas planets, including one blue planet (the fifth planet) with pressure so great that it rains precious gemstones that are sometimes mined in a somewhat dangerous operation and brought to Erscyne Station for trade.

Exploratory Charting

Because of the secretive nature of the members of the Erscyne Trade Alliance, there are no other races in the system at any time. (See Drexi for more information).