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The forest moon of Domel.
Region Valcarian Colonies
System Idon system
Sun(s) 1: (Sylua)
Planet Idon
Class M
Climate hot, tropical
Gravity 1.0G
Primary terrain Jungles
Points of interest
Length of Day
Length of Year
Native species tiromas, sevirs, amosses, uakys
Other species
Official Language n.a.
Population 0
Technological Classification n.a.
Major cities none
Imports n.a.
Exports n.a.
Affiliation Valcarian Imperial Republic
Government n.a.
Idon system Star   I   II   III   III-a

Domel was the largest of four moons that orbited the Colonies world of Idon. Like its parent planet, it was covered almost entirely by dense jungles that were populated by many species of fierce, predatory animals.


Despite being temperate and habitable, the jungles of Domel pose major challenge for everyone struggling to survive there. Due to its constant rains and wet climate, mechanical devices do not last long and require continuous maintenance. Moreover, the jungles are inhabited by many dangerous predators, such as tiromas, sevirs, amosses, and uakys, forcing the moon's inhabitants to be armed at all times.

Though considered a moon of Idon, Domel and Idon are almost sister planets. They are so close to one another that it is only a short shuttle ride between them, and they even share a bit of the same atmosphere. Every year, during Domel's summer season, the atmospheres of Idon and Domel will connect, allowing the vicious Domel beasts to set foot on Idon and settle there.


The Domel jungle from above.