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A kendi was a parasitic creature native to Domel, that lived in groups. They would lay inactive in caves or other dark places, until finding a suitable host creature on whose skin to attach in order to feed. It is said that the kendi's armor durability was such that beam weapons had a hard time penetrating it, making a wearer basically immune to energy based weapon attacks. The only weakness to this armor were the exposed joints at the neck and wrists.


Kendi were poisonous to average beings. Only electricity proved to be dangerous to the kendi and its host if at a high enough voltage. When kendi die they release toxins into the body of the host killing him/her within a couple of days or hours (depending on the strength of the individual).

Kendi could be removed from the host which they are attached to but the task was both challenging and could potenially kill the host. The host must be in very good health in order to even attempt it. The first crucial step to remove a living kendi was to send an electric volt through its small underbelly powerful enough to stun the kendi but not harm its host, resulting in the kendi weakening the adhesive it binds itself onto the host.