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Stellar Cartography
Region Valcarian Colonies
Sector Unireon sector
System Idon system
Sun(s) 1: (Sylua)
Moon(s) *Domel
Orbital Radius ????
Eccentricity {{{eccentricity}}}
Class M
Atmosphere Nitrogen-oxygen at Earth-normal pressure
Hydrosphere 63% surface water
Climate temperate
Blackbody Temp ???
Gravity 1.05G
Primary terrain forest, plains, mountains
Points of interest Iania (capital)
Length of Day
Length of Year
Native species
Other species
Official Language
Population 4 million
Technological Classification
Major cities Iania
Affiliation Valcarian Imperial Republic
Idon system Star   I   II   III   III-a

One of three planets in the Idon system, Idon has a temperate climate, and was once home to a primitive race of humanoids.

Idon has four moons. Domel, the primary moon, once orbited very close to the planet, allowing some animals to fly between the planet and the moon. The other three moons are Ulaen, Yiroc and Grarin.

The native "humans" of Idon struggle against the beasts. Gathering new technologies they built a huge walled city, Iania, to protect themselves. Like the people of many other fringe worlds, the Idonians have a distrust of non-humanoids.

During the time of the Valcarian Republic, it long remained the only world still capable of seeding ecosystems into other dead worlds - Idon's wildlife being some of the most aggressive in the known galaxy.