Discovery Deck 8 Section 2 Compartment 1

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The quarters of Jorus Cogud, a jumbled mess of either 'stock' or personal belongings, however that is only in the living areas, the bedroom is a tidy and well organised affair. The main area of the quarters are full of things that Cogud wants to sell, it could contain anything from spirits to Vulcan IDIC pins, Jorus keeps them here so he can keep an eye on his stock. The bedroom is much tidier, next to the bed is an idol of the Blessed Exchequer (Not because Cogud believes in Ferengi religion but because it was a gift from Zug when Jorus left the vessel he was born on) On a Shelf opposite his bed is 5 mint condition Marauder Mo Action figures, underneath is Jorus' Latinum, hung on the wall is his energy whip, and under the Blessed Exchequer idol is a copy of the rules of acquisition. Hung on the wall is a portrait of Jorus' family (Neron Cogud, Darzen Cogud, Jorus Cogud, Senon Cogud, Fenna Cogud and Zug) the painting was done by a Cardassian who the smuggling vessel encountered.