Dehner Base Personnel

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Dehner Base

This page lists the personnel and civilians permanently located on Dehner Base.


  • Lt. Cmdr. Dontur, Benzite male, head of Starfleet Security. (2395-PRES)


  • Professor Olivia Sellards, Human female, Director of Research. (2395-PRES)
  • Professor Jev Crim Glev, Tellarite male, Lead Archeologist (currently on detached duty aboard USS Columbia) (2395-PRES)
  • Doctor S'Sraal, Caitian male, scientist specialized in the Galactic Barrier. (2395-PRES)
  • Vexa zh'Lev, Andorian zhen (female), energy field specialist. (2395-PRES)
  • Doctor Rerva Cheme, Bajoran female, xenobiologist. (2395-PRES)
  • Kiso Ateita, Betazoid female, Archeological Research Student (2395-PRES)
  • Gorki, Saurian male, Junior Archeologist (2395-PRES)


  • Unnamed, "reptilian with trunk" male, bartender of the Recreation Wing. (2395-PRES)