Dehner Base Facility Layout

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Dehner Base

Dehner Base Facility Layout

Dehner Base is one of the Federation's newest outposts. As such it contains top-of-the-line facilities that are suitable to the longterm habitation that is expected of its personnel. It includes hydroponics gardens for the production of food and waste reclamation systems that provide for a zero-waste environment. Latest generation holographic terminals are in use throughout the installation and provide for maximum flexibility in configuration.

Most areas of Dehner Base are sealed from the elements and are temperature and humidity controlled for comfort. Magnetic resistance shielding reduced the build-up of planetary dust on equipment and structures and the facility is built on a subterranean floating platform that eliminates the risk of seismic damage. A fusion reactor powers the facility with solar collectors providing a steady supply of energy to reserve batteries. Moisture wells draw water from deep in the bedrock and transport it to the base. The base is rated to be self-sustaining for up to 12 months, though monthly supply shipments are scheduled for the foreseeable future.

The following areas comprise the main Dehner Base structure.

Hangar Bay

The hangar bay is the general entry point for all incoming and outgoing traffic to the base. It houses auxiliary support craft for the base and provides a secure landing point for visitors.

Recreation Wing

The recreation wing is a centrally located rotunda that provides most of the amenities for the residents of Dehner Base. A local bar acts a recreational area. A park-like area with varied plant life also occupies this area.

Laboratory Wing

The laboratory wing is the de facto command center of Dehner Base. Most scientific projects take place within this structure. It is separated somewhat from the rest of the base to provide for security and protection from any dangerous experiments. Access to the laboratory wing requires the entry of a secure passcode at the entrance. State-of-the-art equipment including consoles with highly configurable holographic displays are standard.

Defensive Installation

The Defensive Installation section of Dehner Base is a restricted area to base personnel. It is manned by four assigned Starfleet Security personnel. The defenses include a powerful 800,000 TeraJoules regenerative shield grid and one planetary defense cannon. Four multi-directional Type XI phaser arrays complete the military presence.

Storage Bay

The storage bay provides a secure place for the many supplies needed to run and maintain Dehner Base. There are designated areas for food, water, reclaimed waste, minerals and building materials, survival equipment and personal storage for each team member.

Crew Quarters

Crew quarters for the personnel on Dehner Base are considered spacious when compared to comparable living areas aboard a standard Federation starship. There are currently 29 permanent residents on the base with additional quarters for up to 81 other temporary personnel or visitors. All crew are housed in the Crew Quarters area located adjacent to the Recreation Wing. Stunning visuals of the mountain range to the southwest of the facility can be viewed from many rooms. Community lounge areas and an observation room supplement this part of the facility.