Danielle Vistain

Lieutenant Danielle Vistain is a 35-year-old human junior engineering officer aboard the USS Veritas, often posted in the shuttlebay.

USS Veritas
Danielle Vistain
Position Engineer - Shuttlebay Ops
Rank Lieutenant
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236503.13
Age 35
Birthplace Detroit, Earth

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Vyas: "Come on, Danielle, let's go!"
Vistain: "All right, already! Sheesh, Bhavin...it's not like you had a shuttle land on you or something..."
Vyas: "Oh, you are never going to let that go, are you?"
–Banter between Vistain and Ensign Bhavin Vyas, SD 238802.26


Danielle Vistain was born in 2365 in Detroit, Earth. She has a brother named Robert, although the two are not close.

USS Independence-A and USS Tiger-A

Her interest and specialty is shuttle and small craft engineering, and she was assigned to the USS Independence-A after graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2386. Among her friends is Durrell Taylor, a fellow junior engineering officer she met at Jupiter Station and whom Vistain briefly dated. Like Vistain, Taylor is routinely assigned to shuttle maintenance.

Naughty shuttlecraft 03, Kitty Hawk aka "Chubby"

Both Vistain and Taylor were in the shuttlebay when Tenzin Zhou first came aboard the Independence in 2387. Later that year, Taylor revealed that his late friend Tyler Morris had harbored a crush on Vistain.

In December 2387, Vistain was caught pinned against a shuttle before the bay itself was about to decompress. Fortunately, the engineer managed to free herself and then make her way into the shuttle for safety. After the incident, doctors recommended that she not work in the shuttlebay, at least initially, but by May 2388, she had returned to duty in her original post and had even gained some affection for shuttlecraft number 3, Kitty Hawk, the same shuttle that had nearly killed her and then served as her protection.

Following the destruction of the Independence in November 2388, Vistain was subsequently reassigned to the USS Tiger-A. Her latest project was retrofitting the ship's Type 11 shuttles. While aboard the Tiger, she attracted the unwanted attention of Lathu, a Suliban who was still recovering from his breakup with his previous girlfriend Amber Samuels, who bore a resemblance to Vistain.

Menthar Corridor

On SD 238909.16, Vistain was promoted to lieutenant JG and reassigned to the USS Mercury's engineering department, under Roshanara Rahman. Still working mostly in the ship's shuttlebay, she was a frequent target of shuttle pilot Dre'lith Chaun's advances, but by SD 239008, she began dating Edaghil, a comparative anthropologist assigned to the Mercury's sciences division.

She transferred over to the USS Garuda along with most of the Mercury's crew in late 2390 following the Gateway Crisis of 2390. She later served aboard the USS Invicta in 2392.

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USS Veritas

In late 2393, Vistain was promoted to full lieutenant and reassigned to the USS Veritas in the Shoals.

Memorable Quotes

Vistain: What's the engine output like?
Flood: Accel is 0 to 0.5c in three seconds, with no damage to passengers or annoying time effects. Inertial dampeners state-of-the-art.
Chaun: Hmmmph, it's not *that* impressive...
Vistain: oO I bet you hear that a lot, lieutenant. Hehe. Oo

Joe Flood gives a brief overview of the Chimeras, SD 238912.29

Taylor: You know, he made me promise never to tell you, but...
Vistain: But what?
Taylor: He had the biggest crush on you since the day he beamed aboard. Couldn't shut up about it for nearly a month, if you can believe it.
Vistain: What?
Taylor: Yeah, really. It was always, "Aw yeah, Ensign Cutie's working in the shuttlebay again!" and "Come on, Durrell, can't you figure out a way to get me on that shift?" Then, when he found out I was dating you for a while... Oh man...he didn't talk to me for a week.
Vistain: You are truly a horrible friend for telling me this now. And you should have gotten him on that shift. ::grins:: Maybe I'd be happily married by now.
Taylor: ::laughs:: Oh come on. We both know he wasn't your type.
Vistain: And just what is my type then, Counselor Taylor?
Taylor: Tall... athletic... not too bright... but mostly tall, really.
Vistain: Hey! YOU were just average in height, mister.

–Taylor and Vistain reminisce about their late friend Tyler Morris, SD 238710.02

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