SIM:Ensign Zhou: And Yet Another Shuttle

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238705.27

((USS Independence-A Shuttlebay))

::Ensigns Taylor and Vistain were busy running diagnostic checks on the new shuttle that had brought Ensign Shan onboard when the central console across the room began flashing a new arrival hail.::

Taylor: ::looks at Vistain:: Did you order something?

::Vistain walked to the console to answer the call.::

Vistain: ::activates comline:: =/\= This is USS Independence. =/\=

Zhou: =/\= Independence, this is Ensign Tenzin Zhou reporting for duty, arriving from Deep Space 17. Request permission to dock. =/\=

::Vistain checked the personnel orders to verify before answering.::

Vistain: =/\= Confirmed, Ensign. We are opening the shuttlebay doors now. =/\=

::Within a few moments, the shuttlecraft Tycho Brahe entered and rested gently on the shuttlebay floor. Ensign Zhou stepped out and walked over to the two other Ensigns.::

Zhou: I have orders to report to the captain.

Taylor: Captain Riley's on the bridge.

::There was a slight pause between the three ensigns as they all seemed to wonder how they were to conclude the exchange. Finally, Vistain offered a suggestion.::

Vistain: ...Deck 1.

Zhou: Of course. Thank you. ::makes his way to the exit::

Vistain: ::looks back at shuttlecraft Tycho Brahe and then around the shuttlebay before turning back to Taylor:: So where are we supposed to put this one?


::Zhou looked down at the PADD he had brought along, trying to memorize the final details of what the current mission situation was on board the Independence. He also didn't want to confuse just who was who among the senior staff. He was just about to glance over the personnel photos again when the turbolift doors opened and revealed the bridge.


::Zhou walked off the turbolift and looked for the senior officer on duty.::


Zhou: I'm Ensign Zhou. I just arrived from Deep Space 17 with orders to report for duty as a medical officer. ::Zhou passed along his PADD with the orders before he noticed a similar "new officer vibe" from a young but tall security officer, also with the rank of ensign. Zhou let out a nervous grin.:: I take it this sounds familiar, Commander?

::Just then, the captain turned her attention to the new arrival.::



Ensign Tenzin Zhou

Medical Officer
USS Independence-A