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Embassy of Duronis II
Position Embassy Hospitality Staff
Rank Civilian
Species Laudean
Gender Female
DOB 233903.14
Age 61
Birthplace Lokesh City
Writer ID G239102MR0

D'an is a native Laudean civilian currently serving as hospitality staff at the Embassy of Duronis II.


  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Build:


  • Kerr - Grandson - Lives with D'an
  • Mabella - Daughter - Presumed Deceased
  • Tabb- Son in Law - Presumed Deceased
  • Ben Garcia - Friend of Kerr's; mothered by D'an.


As a young woman, D'an forged a career as a policy advisor for the Laudean government. D'an's role was akin to that of a Civil Servant. D'an took maternity leave, and continued her work part-time whilst bringing up her children. D'an returned to work full time for the Laudean government enjoying secondment as a senior policy advisor supporting the culture department.

D'an step down from work at the age of 46, effectively retiring. This didn't work out, and D'an took up a role as an Office Manager back at the Laudean government. Part of this role involved managing events, and this is how D'an would transition into hospitality.

In the years of the alliance between the Romulans and the Laudeans, government functions began to become defunct puppet operations, and as D'an's office was disbanded, she began working in hospitality full time.

It is around this time that D'an worked covertly with a clandestine Laudean government agency by passing on information about the Romulans.

In 2388, immediately after the Destruction of Romulus and Remus, rioting broke out as anti-Romulan protesters took to the streets in an attempt to drive Romulan forces from Duronis II. It was during these riots that Mabella and Tabb (D'an's daughter and son in law) went missing. Their bodies were never found - along with many other Laudeans. The Laudean government presumed them dead.

D'an took in Kerr, her grandson, and raised him as her own. Kerr, in his early twenties, still lives with D'an, and their bond is strong.

D'an has never forgiven the Romulans for the devestation they caused to Laudean society, and more personally, to her family.

In 2389, D'an took up a job at the Federation Embassy as part of their Civilian Staff. D'an is a senior supervisor for hospitality, primarily for responsibly Federation VIPs.

Although the Romulans have left, and life is peaceful and stable with the Federation, D'an still works closely with the clandestine Laudean government agency supplying information.

The purpose of the agency is to ensure that the horrors of the Romulan alliance are not repeated, and that the autonomy of the Laudean government and people is respected.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian 238909.08 - 239302.11 Embassy of Duronis II Front of House
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian 239302.12 - Present Embassy of Duronis II Senior Hospitality: VIP

SIM Archive

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Renegade Android (239602 - 239605) - Mission Reports.

  • Mission Report 2 - Embassy staff enjoy shore leave after final disposition of renegade Android.
  • Mission Report 1 - Embassy crew attempts to secure escaped Android, leading to its own demise.

Renegade Android (239602 - 239605) - Notable Sims. TBC

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