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Starbase 118 Ops
Position Civilian (Child)
Rank Civilian
Species El-Aurian/Klingon Crossbreed
Gender Female
DOB 238205.23
Age 18
Birthplace IKS Chona’yan

Cyri is an El Aurian/Klingon halfbreed and is the daughter of Taelon and Kaskis Rill.


As a hybrid child, Cyri's appearance is a blend of both of her parent's species that show themselves in odd ways. Instead of the normal Klingon forehead ridges for instance, Cyri's look more like several plates that overlap and pinch together. Due to her El Aurian heritage, Cyri looks like an 8ish year old humanoid child instead of a girl well into teenagerhood, aging at a little over half the rate of a human. Coloring wise she takes after her father, though her facial structure is more like her mother's.


Cyri is energetic and curious, much like her father. Her upbringing among Klingon mercenaries has given the girl a rather tough side, and she's very protective of her father and mistrustful of others. She's strong willed and stubborn, and acts like she's a decade older and considerably larger when it comes to facing down foes. Since arriving among the Federation planets, she's been able to better express her gentle side, and has found he likes pink frilly things and, to her father's horror, glitter. Despite her Klingon heritage she considers herself El-Aurian first; primarily due to being raised solely by her father but also because she was treated rather poorly by the Klingon crew she grew up surrounded by. Despite her normal far too old for her appearance behavior, there are occasional flashes of her true development stage. She's prone to wanting to follow her gut over logic, wild mood swings, and impulsive.


Cyri was born aboard the IKS Chona’yan, deep in Klingon space. Her parentage is an accident, and from her birth she's been treated very much as her father's daughter. The Klingon crew the two were a part of only allowed them to stay as long as they were useful, and in typical xenophobic fashion treated them as outsiders. Her first cradle was an old ammo crate. She spent her early years toddling after her father, learning how to help him and make her tiny hands useful. As she grew she learned more and more from him, his own reticent nature was soon contrasted by her own brash and forward one. The young girl stood up for her father despite the often painful consequences.

Naturally when Taelon was found by the Starbase crew she left with him - never viewing her mother and the crew as a true family. She was and is rather overwhelmed by the Federation despite all its benefits, finding it both unfathomably luxurious and bizarrely encouraging of her to be unproductive (aka enjoy being a child), and the assignment to Dehner Base is both a sad and slightly assuring one - the desolate and bereft area being a more normal setting for her than the lush planets of the core worlds.