Carnivale Wonderland

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“Carnivale Wonderland”

Though this holoprogram can be placed on a standard holodeck, it works best when set up in a large area like an empty deck rigged with holoemmiters.

The essential layout is a giant circular paved area with a freshwater pool and an island at its center.

Island Contents: Ferris Wheel, Spinning Teacups, three giant roller coasters, a kiddie coaster, bumper cars, and a carousel.

Pool: The pool is freshwater and contains a diving board and a waterfall waterslide

Circular Paved Platform Contents: Various carnival and amusement park food stands and games. The platform also contains a madhouse, and a face painting booth. There is also a Gypsy Fortune Telling Wagon, Magic Show, and a Circus.

Madhouse: A small train ride that goes in a circle loop passing an assortment of scary clowns of various species, scary scenes from fairy tales, a mad hatter tea party with a clown hatter, and wacky mirrors.

Extras: Holographic Staff

Carnivale Wonderland brought to you by Lt. Jg. Gwen Gardener, USS-Atlantis Engineer.

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