Camilla Lester

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Lieutenant JG. Camilla Lester, is the ACSO aboard the USS Ronin.

Please note that although this character can be used by anyone, the creator, Maria, Cara would like to see that she is played as she was created, thank you.


Camilla is a Bajoran and holds their steady belief in the prophets, as a result she believes that this is why a large proportion of senior officers survive awkward situations, as they are touched by the prophets. She also is somewhat scared by the prospect of being near/one of these, and so tends to be somewhat mouseish, timid and quiet. Despite this she is kind and very good at what she knows well, though thinks she is only mediocre.

She generally takes things with a hint of dry humour and a touch of cynicism, though this generally is only noticeable when she feels comfortable with the person.


She has darkish skin with blonde brown hair normally gathered neatly out of the way in a low, loose bun, you can really tell if it's been a bad day when hair starts drifting around her face. She specialises in nanotechnology and quantum phenomena, though she knows a fair bit about subspace as well.