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CRI brace

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The following information refers to a possible future revealed in the USS Veritas mission "Flashpoint".

The chronometric radiation interspacial transporter brace is a tool used by travelers from the Temporal Integrity Commission to travel through time. The brace utilizes two primary components - chronometric radiation injections and a site-to-site transporter, capable only of temporal coordinates, and can only transport the one person - it's wearer.

The CRI brace was created by the Temporal Integrity Commission when the Guardian of Forever fails to respond when asked to send their travelers back to the past for repeated temporal adjustments. By harvesting chronometric particles, they found that controlled transporter bursts into time periods with delta-irradiated beacons (taken from prematurely ended MST project) allowed for the use of time travel. Beacons would be placed in as many decades as possible.

As discovered by Starfleet scientists and medical personnel, continued use to the CRI brace can be devastating to the traveler, existing conditions that initially did not seem life-threatening deteriorate to the point of being no longer treatable. However, concerns from Starfleet and from the wider community were largely ignored, and not relayed to travelers beginning to utilize the brace.

Aside from medical concerns, there are other significant draw-backs to the use of the CRI brace - primarily revolving the timeframe before a jump can be made. Because the CRI is not capable of transport across space, meticulous calculations and research much be made before time travel can commence, ensuring that it's user has somewhere to materialize. During it's experimental stage, a user was tragically lost when an error of calculation was made, and there was no oxygenated environment for them to re-materialize to. As such, in comparison to the Guardian of Forever (where one initially was able to ask the Guardian for safe passage), it may take weeks, sometimes even months to account for planetary and spacial outpost movements before everyone is 100% certain that a jump can be made from a single position.

Also problematic is the CRI's site-to-site transporter, which locks onto temporal coordinates given by the delta-irradiated beacons. If time changes to such a point that these beacons are no longer active, CRI users may find themselves stranded in a foreign year, able only to travel backwards to where another beacon may still be (unless a catastrophic change has occurred, and the beacons cease to exist entirely). Alternatively, the site-to-site has been known to burn out, requiring frequent repair before one can make it home again.

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