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The MST project is a Starfleet Corps of Engineers endeavor to transport an entire starship with it's crew from one point in space to another. However, the technology is still in the design phase, and is presumed not to be completed for decades to come.

In late 2392, Starfleet components specialist Tristam Core proposed that it was possible to develop Starfleet transportation technology so that the use of warp drive to travel from point A to point B lightyears away was negligible. Intrigued, though wary of their current technological limitations, the SCE decides to provide Core with the resources to begin developing the technology the following year, giving him a granted time period of a full century (allowed, given the man's Rodulan status).

The MST aims to utilize subspace in a more practical way in comparison to the subspace transporters of today, removing the need of a required state of quantum flux for successful use. Presently, a primary and secondary station are required to remain in orbit nearby a system star, needing high amounts of solar energy to power the significantly taxing transport (to send and to receive), but development is currently stuck in a stunted phase of holographic testing, repeatedly "losing" a type-11 personnel shuttlecraft without the use of use of transportation relays (also called "beacons" in the development log).

During development, engineers Core and Angeline Loupaz managed to mistakenly increase the range of a standard personnel transporter, successfully boosting the once 60,000km transport range to 80,000km.