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Welcome to the player page for MJ!

Basic Stats

  • Name: MJ
  • Joined StarBase 118: 2017
  • Writer ID: C239402CJ0
  • Favorite Trek series/movie: Enterprise

User Details

MJ is a freelance journalist, writer and professional nerd based in Toronto, ON. He pens a monthly column with a colleague on lesser known LGBTQ history, History Boys, and has contributed to dozens of other publications. He has also contributed to a handful of gaming projects including LongStory, an episodic, LGBTQ-positive dating sim for young people.

MJ is also an aspiring science fiction novelist, currently working on getting his steampunk murder mystery adventure published. He has published short stories with m/m romance webzine Shousetsu*Bang Bang (under the pseudonym H.P. Lovecock) and is contributing a short story to Clockwork Cairo, a steampunk-Egypt-themed anthology.

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